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DFi CFX3200 + Any X-Fi = Beep

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I have two motherboards: DFi CFX3200 Lanparty S939 and the DFi Infinity CFX 3200 AM2.


Now i have an X-Fi soundcard. But when i'm playing games or brouwsing the net i somtimes get a beep out of my speakers that wont stop untill i reboot. I Swapped my creative X-Fi for a Auzentech X-Fi but the problem is not gone. So i guess its a problem between the Dfi motherboards and the X-Fi drivers. Because the Auzentech card is totaly different from the creative but drivers are almost the same. And my X-Fi did work at an other motherboard. Onboard sound works perfect.


What have i tried:


-Update My DFi bios to the latest version

-Downloaded the latest audio drivers

-Dissabled the onboard sound

-Connect my Speakers True Analoge and not Spdif

-Swapped my creative X-Fi for a Auzentech X-Fi

-Tried an other PCI Slot

-Dissabled all divices on the same IRQ

-Cleaned my PCI connector

-Reinstalled Windows XP

-Disable any overclocking

-Switched Video cards


My Setup:


AMD 5600+ AM2

DFi CFX3200 Infinity AM2

2x 1 GB TEAM xtreem PC 6400

HD2900 XT

Auzentech Prelude X-Fi

Coolermaster Realpower Pro 1000 Watt

4x WD 400 GB HD's


I hope you can help me. Because i dont know where to look anymore.


Best Regards



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I'm looking at your sig and I see that the BIOS you've listed is not the latest for the LanParty CFX3200 socket 939. The latest BIOS for that board is 7-28-06. Go to the website and download that BIOS update and flash the board. After you do that, put the X-Fi sound card in the 2nd PCI slot and load the updated drivers. That should fix the problem.

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My sig is outdated. I'm not using the S939 anymore but the AM2 Infinity CFX3200. And i have the latest bios for that board. I also think its a Driver problem. I hope Auzentech will make there own drivers if not i will return the card and get a other audio board.


Because i dont want an nVidia chipset and i dont want Creative's buggy driver anymore.

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