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  1. My sig is outdated. I'm not using the S939 anymore but the AM2 Infinity CFX3200. And i have the latest bios for that board. I also think its a Driver problem. I hope Auzentech will make there own drivers if not i will return the card and get a other audio board. Because i dont want an nVidia chipset and i dont want Creative's buggy driver anymore.
  2. Hello I have two motherboards: DFi CFX3200 Lanparty S939 and the DFi Infinity CFX 3200 AM2. Now i have an X-Fi soundcard. But when i'm playing games or brouwsing the net i somtimes get a beep out of my speakers that wont stop untill i reboot. I Swapped my creative X-Fi for a Auzentech X-Fi but the problem is not gone. So i guess its a problem between the Dfi motherboards and the X-Fi drivers. Because the Auzentech card is totaly different from the creative but drivers are almost the same. And my X-Fi did work at an other motherboard. Onboard sound works perfect. What have i tried: -Update My DFi bios to the latest version -Downloaded the latest audio drivers -Dissabled the onboard sound -Connect my Speakers True Analoge and not Spdif -Swapped my creative X-Fi for a Auzentech X-Fi -Tried an other PCI Slot -Dissabled all divices on the same IRQ -Cleaned my PCI connector -Reinstalled Windows XP -Disable any overclocking -Switched Video cards My Setup: AMD 5600+ AM2 DFi CFX3200 Infinity AM2 2x 1 GB TEAM xtreem PC 6400 HD2900 XT Auzentech Prelude X-Fi Coolermaster Realpower Pro 1000 Watt 4x WD 400 GB HD's I hope you can help me. Because i dont know where to look anymore. Best Regards Frank
  3. Ah thats nice. I will look for that one aswell. Maybe Corsair will also come with a 850 watt soon. I dont know there plans but the HX620 is a good PSU. But not for the Overclockers with Quad SLI / Quad Crossfire and stuff. And what do you guy's think about the: Tagan Voeding TG800-U25 Dual 800 Watt ?
  4. Is was quite a good review with multiple load tests. Multiple PSU's where tested in the same review. ( Shoot out ) And They did some extra tests. Whats with me And Coolermaster ? Well They have the connectors i want so see on a PSU ( The 8P PCI-E Connectors ) And they are affordable ( 190$ ). Enermax galaxy also has the connectors but that one costs 280$. I want to have a PSU thats future proof in the wattage and the connectors. But has to have very stable voltages aswell. And a Single 12v rail. Not many PSU's fit that profile. The Coolermaster could lack that single 12v rail. But i don't know for sure. But it does have the rest of the things i need. And many people tell the Coolermasters ain't that good. But don't they why they think that. And i have not seen people that have that Realpower Pro themselves only the older series. PCP&C PSU's are nice. But i cant get one where i live. I have to import one form america. + is does not have the 8P PCI-E Enermax Galaxy have some stability issues OCZ GameXStream seems quite ok. But has no 8P Connector Corsair HX620 that i have now is stable. I dont like the Modulair cables it has. And some say you should not use modulair cables at all. And again no 8P connector and low wattage ( 620 Max ) I would love to have a 850+. But maybe i just want to much. Or want it to perfect.
  5. Yeah the question is are these 6 Lines the same as the 3 Corsair lines ? Corsair say's 1 lines does 18a. But it was possible to pull 40a over a single line. So thats the big question. And i have not seen a review that tested the coolermaster in that way :'(
  6. I have bin looking for a new PSU. And thats a hard task. I already spend 8 hours of looking true forums and reviews. DFI Does not reccomand Coolermaster PSU´s to power DFi boards. I have looked for reviews of this PSU and all websites i have seen where very positive about it. It was very stable. And had a high output of power, and was using about 80/85% of its power. It also has 3 transformers where most PSU´s have 2. Some Specs: Model : RS-A00-EMBA Type : ATX Form Factor 12V V2.2 / SSI standard EPS 12V V2.91 Input Voltage : 90~264V (Auto Range) Input Current : [email protected] 115 Vac / [email protected] 230 Vac Input Frequency Range : 47~63 Hz PFC : Active PFC(0.99) Power Good Signal : 100~500 ms Hold Up Time : >17 ms Efficiency : >85% Typically MTBF : >100,000 hrs Protection : OVP / OCP / OTP / OLP / Short / Full Protection Output Capacity : 1000 Watts Continuous Max. Output Capacity : 1200 Watts Dimension : 150(W) x 180(L) x 86(H) (mm) Operation Temperature : 0~50℃(Nominal Input Voltage) Safety : CE / cUL / TUV / NEMKO / BSMI / FCC Why This PSU you might think ? Well. I want a PSU that spends its power well and thats not very expencive like the Enermax Galaxy or the PCP&C PSU's. And the biggest problem is i want a PSU that has the new 8P PCI-E 2.0 connectors that are needed to power the new ATi R600 cards. The new 1000 Watt model already has those. Many Enermax PSU's also have that. But the good PSU ( The Galaxy ) Is like 300$ and did have some voltage instability's. I cant figure out if this PSU is able to draw like 40A over a single 12v " rail" Like the Corsair HX620. ( this PSU has 18A lines but if needed it can also take the power from the other lines and combine it ) I have send a e-mail to coolermaster. But i had no response so far. So what do you guy's think about this PSU ? Or is there someone that has one ?
  7. Very Good reviews to bad there is no Coolermaster Realpower there. But he has tested the Galaxy. And that one ain't perfect. It have some big voltage fluctuations on 100% load.
  8. I know. I will start with one. And later this year i will buy the new K10 Quad core. But that one is not available until Q3 ( for us normal users and tweakers ) Server version will be released in Q2. But i don't want to buy a new PSU every year. I want to keep it 2-3 years. My realpower 550 watt is only 15 months old. And already useless for a not even super high end setup. So i want to get i right this time. And for the full R600 experience you will still need that 8P VGA connector.
  9. I would love to see a 800+ Watt version with PCI-E 2.0 Connectors Thats the reason i'm gonna return the HX620 i have atm. Because i will buy one for two of these cards so my new PSU will need the 8P connectors.
  10. And the problem whith the coolermaster PSU's is that you cant have all that 12v power over one rail ? And Did you test the Galaxy and the Coolermaster Realpower Pro ?
  11. You also said that a Corsair PSU has 2 Lines on paper but actually has one line. The Coolermaster PSU has 6 lines on paper so its possible thats its the same as the corsair in that way and that i would have combined lines. But i have read that the Galaxy is a PSU that really has 2 separate lines. 34a and 43A. ( thats what i found in Sluggo's topic ). And The coolermaster also has two of these transformers. I really wonder what reply i will get from coolermaster. I suspect that they wont tell.
  12. I have found a PSU that also has 3 transformers. Its the Coolermaster Realpower 850: http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware...emba_psu/3.html I guess the two big transformers are the for the 12v lines. I have send a e-mail to coolermaster to ask if it has real split lines like the Enermax Galaxy: And here you have a Pic of a OCZ GameXStreme 850w: http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware...850w_psu/3.html With this info found i wonder why the Coolermaster Realpower Pro is not reccomanded in use with DFi Boards. Can anyone awnser that question ?
  13. Well The War for the Performance per Watt has started so i think new GPU's and CPU will not get higher power consumptions then they have now. Thats 130 watt for a CPU and 225 for a GFX card. I think GFX cards will use less power in the future. 225 watt per card is really insane.
  14. Well If you get liek 8 GB of ram or 2x R600 cards. And a 3e X1950 XTX for Physics you will need a lot more then that 720 watt. I think a R600 will use a bit more then a 8800 GTX. And a 3e GFX card will also use 100-130 watt again. So then you need 850+. And you can always add some extra HD's
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