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just some oc with lpb and oldschool bh5

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hello all,


i've been using this board for almost 3 years. but finally, i did some overclocking with it.


to verify my results, i used 3dmarks 2001, because i didn't want to test for hours and hours using prime and memtest. of course, the highest overclocks won't probably be primestable, but that's not so important for me because for game playing / getting some work done I always use stock settings 200mhz FSB and 2000Mhz cpu.


i started with hellfire rev3 bios, and after some time, i got to 267 fsb, using x9 multi. with x10, highest fsb would be 266.


pic: 266x10ea8.th.jpg


needless to say, I wanted some more FSB :)


so, after trying tictac xt bios, which was no good for me (3dmark wouldn't even finish at 265), I decided to try hellfire c18 bios, a wise decision. :dog:


pic: 269x9yk7.th.jpg


so, of course, i tried 270 fsb, but 3dmarks wouldn't even start, giving me a black screen when clicking the "start benchmark" button. :(


and, whats even worse, i can't seem to get that x10 multi working at more than 266 fsb, sad :sad:


i tried to figure out if the cpu isn't able to finish 3dmarks at 2700+ mhz, but I got it to work even at 2750 mhz.


pic: cpu2750bc3.th.jpg


so, atm I'm a little confused about all this.

In the next days I will try some other things like different bios and maybe alpha settings.


All tests have been done at 11-2-2-2 13-15 eefe. slot 1 & 3.

all alpha's and slew rates set to auto. i'm not gonna mess with them right now, because that would be way too much to test.


oh, and the most important thing: vdd 1,8v vagp 1,6-1,7v vdimm something between 3,65-3,75v (real, no sensor bull crap), cpc on, apic on (off didn't help any further)


trying to reach those 270 at 11-2-2-2 :)


ps. sorry for my bad english, I'm a little out of training :)

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hey all,


the sticks are 2x256 twinmos winbond bh-5. single sided.


i tried some things in the past days like different bios and memtesting the sticks etc...


found out some things...


I can run memtest #5 at 269 DC and get few errors per pass (about 100 in 10 passes)


but once I increase the fsb by only 1 mhz to 270 I get much more errors (about 650 in 10 passes)


increasing or decreasing vdimm from 3,73v won't help as the sticks don't respond to it - apart from producing thousands of errors per pass.


so I did some single channel testing yesterday. using only one stick because the middle memory slot performs like crap.

Found out the best slot for memory on my board is the one closest to the cpu. also there are slight differences in performance between my two bh-5 sticks. (as they aren't from a dual channel kit with consecutive numbers.)


So, the best stick is able to pass 3dmarks01 at 271 SC 2-2-2-11.

sorry, got a picture at home only - posting from college :)


Damn, as it seems, I won't be able to hit 270 DC with those sticks in 3dmarks. :(

what's also a bit strange, loosing timings also doesn't help at all, e.g. 8-3-3-2.5. also tried slowest alphas, like 6-6-6-6-3-6 or something like that, doesn't help.


Well, i still got my corsair bh-6 sticks, but I don't think they will perform as high as bh-5, but we'll see. and those bh-6 are double-sided :rolleyes:


Cooling could also be a problem as those sticks get pretty hot when memtesting @ high voltage... already got a 120mm fan blowing over it.

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vdd = 1,8v and vdimm = 3,73v.


did some more testing yesterday with 1 stick and was able to finish 3d01 at 272 11-2-2-2 :)


unfortunately, only with x5 multi :(


all done with hellfire c18 bios.

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