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Quick question about floppy power connection

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Noob here :).


Okay, so thanks to this thread I now know where on the mobo the floppy/FDD power connector is, but do I also need to connect a power cable to the floppy drive itself?


There's a 4-pin connection on the back of the floppy drive, hence why I am wondering.


Mobo: Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert

PSU: Silverstone ST85ZF

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The floppy power connector on your board is actually extra power for the graphics bus or something, the one on the floppy drive itself is for the floppy drive. It's not really a "floppy power connector" it's just called that because for donkey's years it wasn't used for anything else...



Why do you need a floppy drive? lol I haven't used a floppy disk since 8x CD burners were too expensive to afford!

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