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My case mod

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I'm modding two cases tommrow and will be taking tons of pictures and a guide on how to do a window mod for 11.73 (Us dollars)

If it all works out i was wondering if theres some place I could up load you my pics and a short guide of how we did it for so cheap because if im not mistaken thats real cheap infact I think I've found the cheapest/best way to do it! but if you dont want it ill find a another site that wants the content


If anyone has any questions fell free to ask!

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Ok ran into a small problem, Will have to start tommrow or something we'll have to see what happens but something came up today...


Still definately going to do it tho just ran into a giant list of chores my dad decided to give me on the only day that mattered...


For thoes of you that are going what the heck how old is he well... Im 16

and Radicom 56 is turing 16 next saturday but yes the guide will still be made I just dont know when I also have to get ahold of a dremel...Thats why I suggested the next contest to be a free dremel...


It will still be done though... It will be a simple easy and cheap way to put in a window mod. This is our first case mod besides fans and such so if it looks like crap ill still post the guide in hopes yours will look better im not the beest person behind the dremel but Radicom is pretty good


For any one who wanted to know exact price for this window mod and how much we paid for it there might be someplace cheaper but this is from home depot


18x24 Acrylic = 8.46

3m heavy duty Double sided tape Tape = 3.27

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