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  1. That would be water cooling (the most cooled case) His would be tornado in a case!
  2. 3dbruts1d will you be funding the restof my rig then caus thats alot of crap Although the case badge would be nice
  3. Thankyou I think they could of been better if i had used a dremel but a jigsaw had to do
  4. I can put more pics up now... should I...
  5. I think i got it... I cant tell my self because when I hit my IP my router config comes up so here goes... Sorry about the sideways... didnt feel like flipping them... If you break your neck sue linuxprox...J/K Killed Images for bandwith
  6. Ha 3m tape my metod is already spreading... LOL Good luck its harder then it looks to cut aluminum
  7. Not my website its a friend of mines Thus the blgerber Brett L Gerber I'm Shaun W Barton LOL Anyone know where i can upload it
  8. A Dremel would be a 100 times better... And Theres no way you can do decent ligting for under another 20 dollars the cheapest thing to do is go to a car place and buy a 6" neon for around 15-20 bucks
  9. It would of looked better with a dremel doing the cutting but a jigsaw had to do... Its ok im satisfied with it.
  10. Yup it was under 15 dollars for my case to be done I'm working on getting some pictures up here. I used Acrylic (9$) from Home Depot and 3m Heavy Duty Double sided tape(4$), I just used a jig saw to cut the hole 13.5"x18" into my case then cut 10.5" off my 18"x24" peice of Acrylic then mounted to the back of my already cut case, using the double sided tape. I'm working on putting a Guide together using this method, Radicom and I have succsessfully done this mod twice the first time we just did a rectangle shaped window the secon time we did a U shaped window around the handle built into the side of Radicom's case... If you have any questions just ask
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