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FS: DFI Venus, Opty 146, GB 6600GT, MCP350


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This may turn out to be painful but I have to do it. :sad: I've been leaning away from overclocking for a while building laser shows and this has been sitting around for a couple of months. Lasers are not a cheap hobby so I figure someone still smoking 939 chips can use this and I can use the money...


It's my Venus, the one in my sig. :eek: It was sold to me as an Engineering Sample on the old Street. I have no way to verify this, but it has no serial number and came with just the board. Engineering Sample sounds better than OEM I guess. It's got all the purdy caps and Venus Boot screen, and a sticker on the PCI slot with the part number, just no serial number. :confused:


I got it to get into the 3G club and yes, this board did it. Took a couple of chips, but I'm not a patient person nor that great of a clocker. I also have the Opty 146 FS down further. It didn't come with any toys but I plan on shipping it in my SLI-DR box and will toss in any cables I can find that I am not using that came with the SLI-DR.


I'm asking $250 shipped for the board or PM me an offer. I'll do an even $300 for the board and chip. If you have any questions please PM me! Sold!












Next is the Opty 146 in my sig. CAB2E 0546 Always watercooled, but it has been smacked around. :sweat: I got if off the Edge. Still has it's top on. Click on sig to see specs. These pictures aren't very good either, my camera's a POS. Sold!






The Swiftech MCP350. I got this direct from Swiftnets.com. $50 shipped






And lastly, for now... The Gigabyte 6600 GT PCIE in the sig. It came with a heat pipe but they don't work too well upside down in a BTX case, :shake: so I have replaced the cooler with a fan from my old agp 6600 and AS5'd it and put OCZ sinks on the RAM. It's also been kicked around a lil... Sold!




All prices are shipped USPS priority w/DC. Paypal only, CC included. 7 day DOA from delivery confirmation return period. Again, if you have any questions please PM me. I work nights and may not answer until after 5pm EST but I will answer. I try to ship within 48 hours of payment, usually quicker, but the night shift thing messes me up sometimes. I got a lil heat and 100% eBay feedback. Mainly buying but I have sold several items, 10 or so... If you think the prices a lil too high on anything please PM me, no thread crapping, do unto others and all... :rolleyes:


Enjoy! :dog:

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