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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerated_Graphics_Port ........ AGP 8x A 32-bit channel operating at 66 MHz, strobing eight times per clock, delivering an effective 533 MHz resulting in a maximum data rate of 2133 MB/s (2 GB/s); 0.8 V signaling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express ...... a 16 lane (x16) PCIe card would then be theoretically capable of 250 * 16 = 4 GB/s in the direction
  2. artifacts are generally due to failing Vid Card Mem. If Vid card is overclocked ... undo it, try again.
  3. you need to chmod 755 your pic and make sure apache is pointing correctly to the directory
  4. I would suggest using the RAID drivers from the DFI site over the ones from Nvidia's site. I know some people have had issues with NV's drivers instead of DFI's
  5. the Expert's Floppy connecter is a little more to the Left then the pic above (which is of an Ulta-D or SLi board). Look at your TOP PCI-E slot, the look DIRECTLY above it for a floppy connector. The Expert does NOT have the 4 pin Molex due to having the 8 pin 12v
  6. once and for all this is not a timing issue. system will not boot with 4x512: - with above settings - DDR333 speeds - ANY Dimm in the yellow slots (single slot, Dual sticks in yellow, or 4 sticks)
  7. I am an experienced used, prior to switching to the Expert from the Ultra-D I had my CPU at 2.5. Check my sig ..... if its a timing issue then it wouldn't boot at all then. This Hangs, freezes, stops responding etc.
  8. try 1 stick on the orange slot closest to the boards edge
  9. if I have to run with two stick, I wil return it to DFI and request a SLI-DR. All four sticks worked in my Ultra-D. As the Expert is Brand new. yup tested all 4 sticks (first thing I did)
  10. it has been stated in this forum before that the yellow cables are pretty shoddy after a while ..... try a diff cable
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