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Another LAN nightmare

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It's being a long time since I posted my problem here, with my DFI Ultra Infinity. All because XP, that can't recognize DFI as an ACPI PC. Well, solved!


Now, I've got a new issue, that's making me crazy! Last days, after a serious rain with storms, I think my lan "crashed". XP started to notice that "the cable is not connected", and I thought my Cable Modem was dead. But when I plugged the ethernet cable in my notebook, it works perfect, so I supose that my on-board lan went to the infinity and beyond...


Well, then I disabled the lan and installed a PCI one, Realtek, new piece. At first time, it works... but when I restarted my PC, I've got the same message: "Cable is not connected"! So, I've tryed to disable and enable the card, several times, and suddenly, it works again!!!


This is happening every time I restarted my computer. It's like the motherboard take a time until "turn on" the card, or I don't know what...


Does anyone knows what is happening? Also, how can I be sure my on-board lan is dead?


Thanks, everybody! :cool:

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