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Video card upgrade/cooling problem

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I plan to upgrade my video card to a 7950GT but I've run into a slight snag. My current HSF is arrranged such that I won't be able to fit this card in the PCI-e x16 slot. In fact, I currently have my video card in the secondary PCI-e slot (x8 I think).


I really don't want to part with my XP-90C, but if the 7950 requires true PCI-e x16, then I need a different HS/HSF. Any recommendations on a cooler that would be both a good performer and allow me to seat the video card in the x16 slot?


Also, I have lighted DIMMs so I can't swivel the XP-90C around...I need a nearly vertical cooler with enough clearance on both sides to allow the memory and video card.

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