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i have an old DFI motherboard model P4X266-8233 (socket is 478) . I have a 1.7 celeron, 512 ram(266) and an ati 9550 agp vga. I want to upgrade my pc and i need to know if i can upgrade my cpu to a Pentium 4 and if yes can i place a P4 at 3.0ghz(socket 478) at this motherboad?


PS: can someone give me a link to download drivers for this motherboard and other link that has a bios update ? ( i have a bios edition from 2001 so i need a newer one)



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Welcome to the forums!!


1) your gonna need a sig. per the rules.

2) I show that being the bios of the board rather than a board. Can you confirm the actual motherboard model name and rev?

3) may be limited to 2.53ghz P4.


05/29/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4FC-00 DFI PE10-LA/RAMA

05/29/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4FC-00 DFI PE10-SA/RAMA

10/19/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4EC-00 DFI PE11-EC

10/19/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4EC-00 DFI PE11-EL

05/29/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4AC-00 DFI PE11-LA/RAMA

05/29/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWD4AC-00 DFI PE11-SA/RAMA

12/16/2002-P4X266-PE11/T-6A6LWD4IC-00 DFI PE11-TC

12/16/2002-P4X266-PE11/T-6A6LWD4IC-00 DFI PE11-TL

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It doesnt look like a 3ghz would work for that board. I'm still looking into it but was hoping someone else with that board would respond to confirm or deny it.


From what I can tell that board is 533mhz bus speed max and is limited to 2.53ghz P4


All the 3ghz P4's I see use an 800Mhz bus instead.

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As deathadder indicated, the numbers you listed are the NorthBridge and SouthBridge chipsets; he has listed the various MB models with this combination.


Some of their specsheets indicate supporting P4 533FSB CPUs; while others list P4 533FSB CPUs up to 2.53GHz but have a BIOS update described as "Support Intel P4 2.8GHz..." so you may or may not be able to use a 3.06GHz CPU (may need a custom BIOS).

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Unfortunately without the exact board number it's impossible to tell. The number you gave us has got to be a bios version or chipset. There is nothing on the DFI website for the board you mention. It looks like all will support a 2.53ghz, but it isnt clear about the 533mhz FSB 3.06ghz.

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what about new drivers and bios updates?

are you able to find some?


Drivers won't make a difference; Possibly an updated BIOS. As Deathadder has also stated, we need to know exactly which model board you own (the number you listed appears to be the northbridge/southbridge chipset combination) before we could provide more details about CPU compatability.

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also, if you have a link to where you bought it or maybe a model number if it was a pre-built we may be able to figure out exactly which board it is. and as radodrill stated drivers will definitely not get it to accept the faster chip, it would have to be a bios which is why it is critical to have not only an accurate model number for the mother board but also a correct revision number if applicable.

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more info found



Name : Intel Celeron

Code name : Williamette

Brand ID : 10

Package : Socket 478 mPGA

Technology : 0.18 um

Specification : Intel® Celeron® CPU 1.7Ghz



Core Speed : 1700 Mhz (changing from 1696 to 1702 mhz)

Multiplier : X17.0

Bus Speed : 100 mhz

Rated FSB : 400 mhz



L1 Data : 8Kbytes

L1 Trace : 12Kuops

Level 2 : 128 Kbytes



Model : P4X266-8233

Chipset : VIA --------- P4X266 ( VT853) Rev : 01

Southbridge : VIA -------- VT8233A

Sensor : Winbond W8369HF




Brand : Award Software International, Inc.

Version : 6.00 PG

Date : 10/19/2002


Graphic Interface

Version : AGP Verion 2.0

Transfer Rate : X4 Max. Supported : 4X

Side Band : Enabled

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