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  1. I was thinking about nforce 650i. Pretty good deal at newegg for $129 US. Seems like a lot of flexibility for a low amount of money. Already have the rest of the pieces on the way. Haven't given up on the RD600 but I know Travis speaks the truth. I'm not in that 1% either.
  2. LOL, Yeah I like the part where he breaks into his gangsta rap dance sequence. Hilarious stuff.
  3. I just bought a scythe infinity, xeon 3050 and some super talent micron d9 for this board :-) Can't wait for some OC fun.
  4. Ouch, but really thanks for being honest Travis. Another great reason for coming here and being a part of this forum. You know you will get the straight dope.
  5. I'd settle for close....... And I'm always willing to learn, no engineering samples for me. Obviously I don't expect it to be stable at 4ghz. Or even be able to keep it there for any length, the funs in the tryin. But it certainly sounds like the MB won't be the limitation. At least not with a multi of 8 or higher. And have a beer for me. :-)
  6. No doubt, I'm thinking more along the lines of the Xeon 3050 myself but I'm sure that'll change before I end up deciding to buy.
  7. :nod: Couldn't have said it better myself. From what you've heard which core 2 would be the best for this board? I'd like to hit 4ghz on air with one of them or at least close enough to keep me tryin for a while
  8. Yeah I hear ya, man I am so itchin to finally upgrade again. I've been strictly an AMD guy but the time for a change is near :drool: Now I can be an AMD an INTEL guy with one board. lol I hope that NDA expires soon, I need a comprehensive review to really wet my whistle til they arrive in force.
  9. Whoa!!! I stand corrected. I haven't read that one yet. I find myself not able to get enough info on this board.
  10. Thanks OldGuy, I have seen pretty much every review and screenie since peeps have been posting em and only time I saw a reference to lowering the multi was on the x6800. This baby's lookin better all the time.
  11. Speaking of google....... I have looked but can't tell if this board supports lowering multi's for non extreme edition core 2's?
  12. Does this board allow you to lower the multi? CPU frequency being the same @ 3.6ghz Would 6x600fsb have any performance advantage over 7x514fsb? With memory for both async'd to the same frequency? With memory for both sync'd 1:1 I would think there would be at a loss of timings.
  13. LOL, very well stated. I guess my question was more about the tinkering. Still stuck about 3 years ago with my setup where I struggled to get 250 fsb :-) Lowering the multi with say 550fsb would give better performance no? Still trying to figure out if this board unlocks the multi's down. It still looks awesome though. And if it sells for ~$200ish I'm gettin it. Stable all the way to the limit. No hardware problems at the limits of OC from what I've read.
  14. Man, It seems to get to its max sooo easy you would it expect it to get higher than 511mhz fsb. If it can do that so easily and stable I was hoping you could tweak it higher. Can you decrease the multi on this board as well? I read the anand and extremesystems posts but didnt see it mentioned. HAHA complaining about 511 fsb. :drool:
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