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SG and CPU Fan

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so I changed the settings for "system fan" and the proc fan went on

the fan listed under the cpu temp I can only assume is actually the NB fan

wth is wrong with this thing?

I changed all the fan settings to max at 45 and on at 30 and now it's off entirely again!?

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I'm using mbm5 now and the readings make a lot more sense:

CPU 36

chipset 48

(ambient 90f)


one thing is the CPU fan is reading as 12000-18000rpms?

It jumped to 38000rpms for a second....is this reasonable?

In MBM5, try bumping the divider for that fan one notch to the right. For me it made my PSU fan go from 10000-14000 range down to the 1100 range to agree with SG.

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