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    DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Ultra-D (11/05)
    AMD Opteron 165 @ 2610mhz (stock cooling & V)
    2x Corsair 1GB PC-3200 @ 435DDR
    eVGA geforce 8800gts 320
    OCZ GameXStream 600w
    Audigy 2 ZS | WinXP x64
  1. You're running Linux? Have you checked if it works in windows? Temporarily, while solving your problem, I'd suggest setting your card to "not scale" which would prevent the stretching (and leave black bars on the sides but should be easier to look at).
  2. I'm sure this has already been addressed somewhere but I couldn't find it. Just rma'd my psu and got this gamexstream and the 12v rail reads as 12.6V (steady) in mbm5. Old psu I think was at 11.86. Anyway, just wondering if 12.6V is ok.
  3. I can always do a best-buy free rental . I'm going to switch the mobo to the second rail and see what happens. A terrible idea to stick to that if it does work?
  4. I'm not necessarily sure this is a power supply problem but this seemed like the most reasonable place to post this. My computer has been more or less fine - couple months ago reformated and reinstalled windows. It had been on 24/7 for a year or so, lately I've had it on sporadically (3-12 hours every couple days). Today, it doesn't turn on. Hit the power button and nothing happens, idle mobo light is on, mobo buttons also do nothing. Tried switching power supply on and off, no effect. Is there anything it could be other than the power supply? Anything else I should try? (I'm going to switch rails once I work up some motivation)
  5. I have firefox set as the default browser, yet everything still opens in IE. What the hell is going on? How do I tell this stupid operating system to open things in FF? I'd just delete IE but then I can't go to windows update.
  6. I like FF simply because it loads pages faster than IE. FF being more secure is nice too. IEx64 is actually significantly faster than FF (though I'm guessing still less secure). I'd probably use IEx64 except that there's no 64bit Flash plugin.
  7. nvidia didn't fix the scaling problem? The problem I vaguely remember from like 4 years ago??? OS: WinXP x64 Drivers: 169.44 (newest) edit: running that patch now, maybe it'll fix things up...Problem solved. Thanks! I guess they couldn't get scaling to function with HDCP so it's disabled (why they wouldn't tell you that in the drivers I don't know).
  8. I hooked up a cheap 28" monitor. Couple problems with it, first off, my 320mb video card doesn't like running at 1920x1200 and it looks awful in any other resolution. I went into the video drivers and tried to set "Do not scale" but when I select that, and hit apply it just goes back to "built in scaling". Second problem is that the colors on the monitor are kind of terrible any way to fix this other than fiddling with the colors etc in the monitor itself for hours at a time (with the worst possible controls, located on the back of the monitor).
  9. If I put vsync on in CSS my fps is 59 or 60 almost continuously, sometimes it drops a little and then jumps back up. Without vsync it's different every quarter of a second. 60,120,90,150,80....
  10. I haven't heard any solid evidence for when the 9800's are coming out but I would guess within the next 4 weeks. About your older system being a bottleneck for newer video cards, I don't think that will be a problem. My rigs fairly similar to yours and I just upgraded from a 7900gt to an 8800gts320 and it was a pretty impressive improvement. The 7900gt ran everything I had pretty well (CSS, TF2 with 2-4AA and AF running at around 50fps) with the 8800 the same games with 4AA and 16AF run at 80-100fps. Your mobo might bottleneck a new sli setup, but with single card I can't imagine it having much of an effect.
  11. Yeah, that's my problem. I can remove the linux install but then I can't boot into windows. I have a system restore disk but it erases everything.
  12. I have both Vista and PCLinuxOS on my laptop. Having decided that linux kind of sucks for a laptop, I want to remove it, rebuild the windows boot loader, and get the hd back to one partition. How do I do all this?
  13. doing a quick scan through newegg most of the old gts's list 96 stream processors but the evga 640 is listed as "96+" and there's an xfx listed as "112 stream processors" So I guess evga uses some OC'd regular cards and some stock newer cards w/ the extra processors for their improved version.
  14. Yeah, some games from the past couple years don't have AA settings because they want you to use HDR. Meanwhile, what do all those settings do Wev?
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