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  1. 200/4= 50pages/day and 1 whole 24hr period to complete the report.....I fail to see the problem.... :thumbs-up: Do it, you will be surprised what you can accomplish....
  2. My Rig: Windows XP Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron My Wife's Rig: Suse 10.1 (My first post, YAY!)
  3. http://images.art.com/images/-/Looney-Tune...-C11754810.jpeg
  4. Brings all new meaning to the word Shitbag.....:cool:
  5. Current Conditions Currently 41º F Humidity: 53% Visibility: 7 miles Winds: 12 mph NNE Feels Like: 34º F High: 43º F (6º C) Low: 38º F (3º C):eek2:
  6. Maybe they should call it "Pot Luck" Rush shipping...
  7. Good Read A_G_..... These people when caught should be left in the ocean on a row boat with nothing but a keyboard to paddle in with.....:angel:
  8. A Very Merry Christmas to all......:angel:
  9. That is the coolest backyard!!!!! Man that sure beats beats playin' on the river and fallin' on rocks and gettin' jabbed by saplings...lol :tooth:
  10. Are you thinking of Reality Mod. .025 for Joint Operations? Or BF2 Project Reality (What I was referring too. LOL) If you were referring to BF2PR then you will be pleased to know they have added some smaller maps (Street)....A little more run and gun, very fast paced... I was also wondering if you guys play the Insurgency Mod for HL2 ?
  11. Wow that brings back memories......"Cum on Feel the Noise" used to get us all screamin'.....LOL:cool: May he R.I.P. ....
  12. Wevespot do you play any Project Reality? I usually play PR and would definitely enjoy playin' with some street folks.....:cool:
  13. Looking to increase the Vcore is there a Bios to make it possible ..
  14. HL2 BF2 BF2SF BF2 Project Reality JOINT OPERATIONS Typhoon Rising JOTR Reality mod. JOTR International Conflict I also am enjoying the Insurgency mod for HL2 that came out....
  15. My first thought is the PSU while it is a worthy power supply, for what you have I think, IMHO, I would get something bigger....It will probably run 1 card, but with what you are putting together there I think I would go bigger especially if I were gonna overclock it....Give myself a bit of breathing room...
  16. There were Vic-20's and 64's in our computer lab in Jr. High.....Galaga was the game bowtie...hehe I feel old now, the only thing anyone was interested in was writing a lockout program or playing games......:cool:
  17. I would have to agree with A_G_ on this point.....The general public is made up of 95% casual internet mongers who have decided that whatever they want they can have for free....The reasoning they use is "Everyone else is so it must be OK"... or "If they are gonna prosecute me than they are going to have alot of full jails..." People need to stop and think about their motives...I also cannot stand conglomerate thinking but there is a legal way to combat it ......Get involved in your community government, listen to a few paid advertisements, buy a cd and support your favorite band....:cool:
  18. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh cut skins on french fries......Smothered in good ole' fashioned ketchup and salt.....:drool: I'll take most any fast food fried but fresh homeade cannot be beat when cooked right..... P.S. Probably Rally's is my favorite ff fries though.....
  19. Kingfisher was suggesting a PSU might be a possibility....Doesn't mean It is the answer, as he said there is no Black and White.....All Grey......Try droppin' that mem to a divider and push the volts a little.....The PSU suggestion is to assure you don't burn your ram slots up trying.......Recommended is 480W regardless of what anyone else has done......If you burn your ram slots up and then come cryin'....Egg on you after it was suggested:)
  20. If you can catch it in stock somewhere XFX has been sellin' the 7900GT for $199.....I am lookin' also and for the money I think that's pretty darn good... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150216
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