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Son's shark case mod

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been wanting to post this for a long time, so today is the day. The Ultra-D and Deskstar HDD's I bought from soundx98 (thank you soundx). It is rounded out with a opty 146, 6800gt, ocz BH5 ram, vc-re, xp-90 HS, sunbeam fan controller, FDD, lite on cd/dvd read and write, thermaltake 500w PSU, and a thermaltake shark case. This mod is all about the case because in my opinion this case sucks...here is a link to the case in question.


this case blows...open side vents lets gobs of dust into the case. the luveres on the front of the door reduces air flow, when u open the door, u see another grill made of plastic located on the bottom that reduces air flow to the fan behind it. All in all a very bad design. So this is what i did.



I cut the plastic grill off the bottom front of the case. cut a piece of thin plastic to cover it. installed a 120mm fan and filter on it and screwed it all to the front cover.




This is the final look of the front housing.

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next came the front door, i wanted to keep the door off but the boy wanted it on so this is what i did.




I removed the metal luvers on the door and drilled bullet holes into it. door closed view.



door open view.



also in this pic u can see the mod for the grill on the bottom of the housing. that red filter grill sitting above it is also a small mod.




I bought a Kuma bay 120mm fan housing, but it only has little tabs that u use to screw it to the drive bay, but i needed railes installed on it because this case uses railes only...




so i screwed the railes to it and installed some copper tubing on the back of the rails inorder to give it support.




next i installed a 120mm fan on the back of the unit by using zip ties on the bottom copper tube. notice the little sheetmetal wings on the side of the fan?

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Here is with the kuma bay fan and 120mm fan attached, installed into the computer.

notice the sheetmetal tabs on the fan resting on the horazontal bars of the case.




here is another view.


and here looking from the rear of the computer.


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OK for the back is a view of the wires.




and the cover i installed a 80mm sunbeam fan on top (i dont know why, but i did.

i may install one on the bottom in the future inorder to get outside air to the nf4 chipset.




here is the other side, note i installed a wire mesh in front of the fan.



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down to my final pic's, the finished product....I hope someone can find something in this to inspire them...that's why i posted this...

My temps at stock speeds in summer temps.(80f-85f). CPU=27c PWMIC=34c nf4chipset=40c.....

note i need to add an 80mm fan infront of the chipset because the bottom front 120mm fan is being blocked by the HDD's.







...Thank you all and this fourm for all that u do....

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