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What should I try?

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Hey guys,


I have just started ocing my Opteron 165 (yup yet another one) today with some pleasing results.



However, If I try and get my memory past 190mhz my system either wont boot or BSODS.



I am running:



Opteron 165 CCBWE 0551UPMW

Lanparty Ultra-D

Team Xtream UCCC (rated at DDR500)

Silverstone ST60F


Any setting or method that may be the solution to my problem?




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Update your sig as per the rules, so hg or a mod wont give you a 7 day vacation. Have you run memtest at stock speed? Check out the stock speed data base for a system similar to yours and try those settings and there's a 165 data base also. Post your memory settings.

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