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  1. I just went from a 939 system to the system in my sig. Cost me $500 USD. I used the HD"s, Powersupply, CPU fan, and video card from the 939 system. Currently im o/c'd to 3.4g.
  2. Borrow a ps2 keyboard from a friend or get a usb to ps2 adapter to plug in the ps2 keyboard port on your computer. Ps2 keyboards have been recommended for dfi boards in the past.
  3. Bottom slot is 2x untill you move the sli jumpers, then 8x
  4. I haven't been on the Street for very long, but I really appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that you have put into this forum. As it is the best forum on the net. My hat is off to you and Mushkin for this contest and such a great prize. The winning number is 2.
  5. Your psu is very under powered, 480w min. is recommended. Your psu is probably causing the wall, and if that is the only problem your having you are lucky. If that Chieftec goes it will probaly take other components with it. Do yourself and your equipment a favor and get a psu on the recommended list.Recommended list
  6. My order for the 148 was cancelled. Too bad.
  7. Did you plug in the power connector to your video card?
  8. Just checked Pc Connection and web page is showing in stock. Phoetus, I just googled and it poped up.
  9. Just ordered one 46.46 shipped. Will let you know what stepping I get. PcConnection So Excited that I finally found a great deal I put the wrong price in the title. The correct price is $36.97. Pricing Error - PC Connection is not honoring orders - soundx98 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...39&postcount=32
  10. New equipment new solutions. Cmos reload will not clear with a bios update or a cmos clear. Do not use any stored settings with a new bios. To be safe load optimized defaults save and exit, reenter bios and save optimized defaults to any cmos reloaded settings that you have saved. This will wipe out all the previous settings that you saved and will save you some headachs.
  11. What voltage did you have it set on originally? What voltage do you want to go to? What is the Bios reporting as the voltages (before and after the voltage increase)?
  12. Please make a sig as per the rules you agreed to, before the mods jump you. Didn't see one in your profile.
  13. H_G I need an opty 165 ccbe 0610, 2 7900's, sli-bridge to go along with my free Mushkin XP-650. LOL Just kidding.
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