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Go Crossfire x1800xt or stick with single 7900gtx?

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Okay I got an interesting offer today for my 7900gtx 512mb. A price of $400 asits been clocked to 715 on stock air and my buddy wants it for watercooling. I mean Im not gonna just get rid of it and drop back to my Sapphire x1800xt 512mb, which I had to RMA back to Sapphire and 9 weeks later I get the same card back.


So I thought about what card I could get and since I cant get the 7950gx2 cause of my DFI LanParty rdx200. So thsi came to mind........ pairing that Sapphire x1800xt 512mb with a 3DConnect x1800xt mastercard? What do you guys think about this? They would be watercooled after too. That was my plan to watercool this setup next. My 2nd question is what kind of overclocks are you getting on your crossfire x1800xt setups?


So should I go with watercooling on


Sapphire x1800xt 512mb and 3dConnect x1800xt Mastercard




Stick with XFX 7900gtx 512mb that hit 715 on stock air?


Here is the link to the 3DConnect mastercard - http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=C3D-1800CF

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