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  1. Hey I recently bought a CFX3200-DR and am thinking about getting another gig of OCZ VX ram this ram runs at DDR500 2-2-2-5. My question is what would be better ( I plan to overclock) Getting a 2GB(1GBx2) kit that can do 3-3-3-5 1T timings and may not beable to hit 500mhz or 2-2-2-5 2t. In other words 2-2-2-5 2T vs 3-3-3-5 1T
  2. have you tried booting with just one stick in or in the other slots
  3. crossfire all the way actually you might want to look at getting an x1900xt or xtx instead
  4. ok i dont mean to be redundent but they just asked if they could use a 20pin to 24pin converter. Would this work I know it says native in the minimum specs
  5. sorry i didnt click referesh
  6. I am selling my DFI SLI-DR. The person i am selling to only has a 2opin psu will this be adiquite to power the board if hey plug in the rest of the connectors (4pin, molex, and fdd)
  7. BUMP you wont find a better deal any where else
  8. well he is useing Opteron not Athlon and it is only on the athlon page
  9. BUMP come on you wont find a better price
  10. BUMP SLI-DR Price lowered to $100 plus shipping
  11. have you tried setting your ram at 2T instead of 1T timings that would certenly make things more stable
  12. Sorry about that. Yes with the CFX3200-DR
  13. Will my OCZ VX RAM work with this motherboard and if so will it have the same cold boot bug as with SLI-DR
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