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  1. I bought my ASUS Crosshair today. I was about to buy the DFI LP, cause man I love DFI, but the guy was like. If you buy this, I guarantee you will be back to RMA it. He said that hes sold boards to around a dozen people and they have all returned them and some have done 2-3 RMAs. I feel so bad, but I feel happy with my purchase. Its the first time in about 10 boards I have gone with something other then DFI.
  2. yeah im a bit scared after seeing these problems. I mean, not even my rdx200 had this many problems it seemed. I have never used anyone but DFI for my builds. I do like the extra room on the board for my PhsyX card and Soundcard, but I am gonna be watercooling anyways with SLI on Swiftech MCW60 blocks. So that would give me the room on the ASUS, but I feel disloyal to DFI...hahahaha.
  3. Sorry guys, I should have seen this thread before and mesed up. Sorry bout that. Anyways, I am getting the following DFI LANParty SLI-M2R/G AMD64 X2 6000+ 2x1gb OCZ Titanium Alpha XTC DDR2-1000 Western Digital 250gb/16mb SATA 2 Plextor px-716a OCZ PowerStream 600wt And was wondering if that will work out well together, mainly the RAM situation is my worry. I see DFI has put a new BIOS up on their website, but also wondering if ncix.com has the boards coming with that BIOS. Anyways, that is besides the point and I can call them and ask. Are there any problems I am going to encounter with this setup? RAM my main concern.
  4. Any issues I should know about the DFI LANParty SLI-M2R/G? Imma be teaming it up with this AMD64 X2 6000+ [Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme] 2x1gb OCZ Titanium Alpha XTC [DDR2-1000] [OCZ XTC RAM cooler] eVGA 320mb 8800gts KO ACS3 (Currently Own) Plextor px716a DVD/RW (Currently Own) Western Digital 250gb16mb SATA2 (Currently Own) Creative X-Fi Platinum (Currently Own)[ BFG physX 128mb (Currently Own) OCZ PowerStream 600wt (Currently Own) I dont know if it matters, but I am thinking SLI soon here. Just wondering if you guys have some tips and so forth. I asked this when I bought my rdx200 in Dec 05 and solved many of problems before I even got hte board, so it was an easy fix for the SATA2 HDD and Plextor DVD. Link: http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=20187 Thank you everyone
  5. Im sure you wont be struggling in performance. Im just looking to add a 2nd x1800xt to the mix here in Feb. I myself am not ready to jump to Dx10 and Vista till around 2008. I would go sooner, but I like to let things mature a tad. I dont think you especially or I, will be struggling @ 16x12 in Dx9.
  6. i not trying to jack the thread here, but was wondering what scores you got wiht that setup and if the crossfire is overclocked? I got a x1800xt and was looking at crossfiring 2 of them in Feb time.
  7. Okay I got my Sapphire x1800xt 512mb back in my PC. After my 2nd RMA.....lol. #1 Heating Issues, #2 No Display. So far so good with the new one. I have it stock and in GRAW @16x12 16xAA/ES on @ 25fps avg. Not too bad for stock settings. Great temps too during the game. The reason Im back with the x1800xt is because I sold my 7900gtx to my friend. Anyways, I wanna do the BIOS flash to a p.e. I got a Zalman vf900 on it with AS5 right now. My highest temps were in G.R.A.W. @ 61c. I havent done any clocking to it yet. I idle @ 45c and G.R.A.W. is my highest load. I have never done a flash, I usually just overclock. I had my 7900gtx @ 720/1810 @ 72c (vf900). I had my x800xl @ 457/555 @ 57c (vf700). Those were my recent cards. So what if the card does not like the BIOS flash? How do I set it back? I see one fellow in the link provided was talking about going back and forth, back and forth with the BIOS flash. I see the dude was talking about lowering the clocks to 500/500, then loading the BIOS flash. But I dont know what to load and plus I need to load ATI Tool, I only have ATI Tool Tray. Here is a screen of what I get. Can you tell me? (Look Below For Flash Discusion Link). Ill download and try 3DMark06, then tell you my temps then. My Screenshot with BIOS Flash up - Where you see the arrow on the screen, that OPEN box came from the Filename section on the ATI WinFlash http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...00xtflash1.jpg BIOS Flash discussion (suggest reading) - http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=61686 BIOS Flash Site - http://www.hardwareluxx.de/download.php?det=239 http://www.k-hardware.de/news.php?s=&news_id=4716
  8. I went with a Thermalright SI-120. I did get a new fatality vf900 for my x1800xt tho. I had to give my other vf900 away with my 7900gtx
  9. so i downloaded Everest Ultimate. I see I just get the trial version. Is there a free version? If not, no biggie
  10. Nice man I wish I still got to do my water. I was ready to order and everything. Was gonna do Thermochill pa120.2, swiftech storm and 2 MCW60 gpu blocks. I will do water, but in the near year, around spring time I am thinking. Do you have to set your clocks again everytime you reboot? I heard about this being the only downside to overclocking crossfire.
  11. Everywhere I have looked in Canada, there near the same price or within $30 of eachother. Unless there was a recent price drop.
  12. good board, but with the cfx3200 being near the same price, I would go for it instead. Some minior issues happen with the rdx200 (i.e. no SATA2, problems with plextor 716a). Its a good overclocker
  13. well apparently its better. I have read on xtreme systems, overclockers and they all recommend it if you can. Especially if you have the Sapphire. I have a Sapphire and I am gonna do this. I myself, love to flash cards and gonna try this one. What is your crossfire overclock at? My mastercard would be a ATI version, not Sapphire.
  14. Plus nVidia temp monitor too is good and keeps track over the whole time you are in a game. So you can go back. I have found no difference in temps from using RivaTuner and nVidia temp monitors. Only time I found something fishy with a temperature monitorwas with ATI Tool and my 7900gtx.
  15. Sorry but I will be doing the Flashing. I would rather flash then run it that way thru ATI Tool. I just have to switch my clocks to 500/500 then flash, then my clocks will jump to 1.47v @ 700/1600. I got a Zalman vf900 & AS5. I will only use ATI Tool for the crossfire overclocks. Thank you for the suggestion tho. It seems people were acheiving better clocks with the download flash then the way you suggested. Reason lots of people said is cause the download slackened the memory for better stability.
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