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Installed 3DMark06 then 3DMark01 SE, ‘03 and ‘05 stopped working


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I installed 3DMark06 to do a SSDB entry, it installed fine and ran without errors. Then I tried to run 3DMark01 SE, 3DMark03 and 3DMark05 and got errors and would not run. All of these ‘01 SE, ‘03 and ‘05 had the current patches installed. I also upgraded my video card (Asus EN6600) with the current drivers 3/9/06. I ran DxDiag and all Notes were with out errors.



1. So I uninstalled all the FutureMark ‘01 SE, ’03, ’05 and ’06.



2. I tried to reinstall 3DMark01 SE and got this error;





I searched the web for the error and this is the hit I got.

Q: Why do I get a message that says: "Could not create Direct3D device"?

A: The texture conversion in the installer requires Direct3D. On some 3D accelerators like Voodoo3, Direct3D can not be initialized in the required mode if the desktop is in 32-bit color mode (as the 3D accelerator can not render in that color depth). Try changing the desktop to 16-bit mode, and start the installation again.

Link to this FAQ entry: http://service.futuremark.com/support/sear...sp?cid=2&fid=89


3.Try changing the desktop to 16-bit mode to install 3DMark01 SE. Did not help.



4. Reinstalled DirectX Version: (9.0c). Did not help.



Has anyone run into this same problems?


Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

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