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  1. you said it happened when you reinstalled windows? i had a really weird lag bug going on when i reinstalled windows and also when i added new ram... I followed the long cmos reset and it fixed it.... just somthing to try out
  2. using both ports no problem (one for net one to route net to another comp)
  3. sounds weird but i had a similar problem and corrected it with a long cmos clear
  4. umm.... im not with you on this one jim nf4 chipsets seem to run best with best fsb yes....for your cpu, but seems you get the most out of mem on it with best timings..... I say you read up in the ocguide and come back with your results crazy http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 my testing has shown me my ram can handle up to 260 in 3d games but works best on a divider so i can get my fsb past 275...where it wants to be
  5. so noone still cares to answer my question?(roughly a week later) lol i see everyone else just skipping right over my comments.... Im not that mean http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...&postcount=1284
  6. i dont think its a bug.....its that 3d is far more intensive on the ram and the timings and speed just cant handle 3d the same as 2d
  7. WHen installing the new 6.86 Drivers you are now asked to install storage management drivers....i opted for no assuming this was the SW IDE drivers?' was i correct? or does this contain multiple drivers 1 of wich being somthing i want? Also if somone could explain to me what read caching does and weather its better to have good read speed or burst rate on my HD setup http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...&postcount=1284 Much appreciated thanks
  8. Can anyone answer my question from about 1/2 page up? What is better my increased read speeds on test ~1-5 with read caching on or my burst rate of almost 400 with read caching off? my pics are up there too what does read caching do? ive looked it up a bunch and havent found tons of info on what it does. Thanks again folks
  9. i know this thread is old but why are you running reverse dividers doc? didnt really mean to revive this thread but im doin settings on my ocz pc4000EB's so far 255 1:1 3-3-2-6 1T stable [email protected] gonna try 3-3-2-5 with trc7 see what happens i like the divider better as i can crank the cpu but im testing mem timings currently so ill go back on a divider later made 285x9 9/10 divider ([email protected])
  10. thanks....and exroadie if you checkback you forgot to include a step in the long cmos clear about when to put the speaker jumper back to normal...ill pm you later to make sure you get it
  11. ok best i can tell long cmos clear fixed her up....ill post back later after some gaming with final results and BTW how does everyone make those awsome sigs?
  12. thanks i will do a full cmos reset and start by loading optimized defaults. I AM stable in memtest aswell as prime95 and superpi stable....yet i still get the jolt So i will try once again with the cmos reset and hope for the best...in fact ill just delete all my cmos reloaded profiles. Love all the help i have always recieved on this forum...by far one of the best out there
  13. ok i just thought of somthing else that may have affected somthing? When i was installing this ram i couldnt post, so i ended up doing a cmos reset, wich in turn changed all my bios settings back.(possible first mistake, it shut off my raid controller and all that stuff aswell) I went and loaded cmos reloaded (possible second mistake). and continued to try and adjust settings on ram/cpu to post and get into windows. it took me roughly 10-15 differnt trys of putting it in taking it out and changing settings before i realized i had to turn my raid array back on and then go to hdd priority and set it as 1'st. Would any of this have possibly caused my problems either? it would make sense a little bit seeing as it may be causing a windows glitch? but the music is on a completly seperate drive (non-raid) so unless it is causing windows to directly mess up im still not sure. lol fun fun
  14. prime95 passes even when the slight jolt happens, and i put the ballistix back and with the same jolting, its very very quick like 1/2-1/8 second long?
  15. no its happening currently while im sitting here browsing the forums. I always do play with music in the background, but it happens weather or not they are happening simultaniusly course for that matter prime95 passes stable with my ballistix wich fail memtest in roughly 5 seconds
  16. I randomly get system jolts wich can be noticed, moreso when listining to music or playing a game. sounds like a very quick skip in music, and looks like a quick jolt of lag in gaming. Ive even noticed a slight bit once when i was moving my mouse. It started after installing my ocz ram, i believe it may be related, could the memory be bad? it passes memtest with flying colors. Maybe somthing happened to my mobo? possible faulty PSU? im really confused and have tried changing timings voltages and fsb speeds to no avail.
  17. for the crashers try googling punkbuster updater.....helped me out ALOT suppa- I have all the Expansions but generally stick to Armored Fury and the original for the best fun
  18. well from a user standpoint the best info i can find on these forums aswell as links people have given me to other readings ncq is a designed for servers with many many I/O activities going on and does more harm than good for us single end users. as for read cache, it was also reccomended in the benchy forum to disable that aswell, and im not entirly sure what its purpose is ive tried both ways and havnt seen negative real world perfermance with it off and it boosts burst rate up to like high 300s for me when i do. again read that benchmark thread thouroughly if you really want to know in depth but thats what i can tell ya
  19. ok folks i have some advise for you if you havnt tried it. I used to get the boot all the time, esp when loading into the level, but randomly in level too google for the punkbuster update utility and try updating. PB doesnt regularly update when you update bf2. and if it is a lower version then the verifier it has a tendency to crash probobly wont help everyone but should help some people
  20. it depends on alot of things really could you link to your online results? that is a far from horrible score. I can get anywhere from roughly 5500-7500 on my GT depending on what settings im running, when the last time i defragged was, ram timings, cpu strength. are you using default settings under the forceware tab? IE dont have trasparent AA, vsync, or any of the advanced settings changed?
  21. jaq check out the hd raid benches under the software thread for more info but...... 260 for burst? certainly not a bad burst rate... i bet if u disable read caching and ncq under hw manager you could break 300 easy.
  22. yea you got it right, although i wouldnt say wait times in 1/2 it does make a noticable increase in speed. It is dangerous, but i backup or have everything backed up that makes it onto the drives, with the exception of some stuff that can be replaced
  23. nice olli i just got 2 of those barracudas and slapped them in raid 0 let me tell you they scream and not in the loud sense.
  24. you can check under control panel / system / hardware / device manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and depending on wich sata controller you are running it on will be under one of ADAMA controller properties
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