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Beware Of Frozen Cpu! (rant)


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Okay I have ordered from Frozen CPU time and time and again. A great company, or so I thought. I have had countless great expierences with them and never one problem until now. I ordered a side panel window from them for my CM Stacker. I placed the order and then recieved an email regarding its shipping, but never once a tracking number. So I wait and at the end of that day no tracking number still. I call the next day, speak to a few people and they cannot provide me with a tracking number. Day three I call again and finally get a tracking number, but quickly notice the number is not in the proper format for any UPS tracking number. I call again and ask for a new one. On the fourth day I receive an email and I call them again. I am then told that UPS broke the first side panel, and is now sending a new one. Wait....UPS yeah I paid to have the order shipped via FedEX? So I ask them when will the panel arrive? About Tuesday, well this is one week after the order had "shipped," 7 days? So I contact Frozen CPU and they tell me I need to contact the RMA dept. Okay I contact them and the CEO of the company. Mark the CEO tells me that he will refund my shipping but for some reason will not refund my money for the side panel. Now I am furious, okay I was never notified that the shipment was messed up and was given a wrong tracking number and was never notified once of the issue...How Can You not give me my money back. FROZEN CPU AND UPS F*ED UP I DID NOT AND ALL I WANT IS A PLACED TO SEND THE DAMN SIDE PANEL BACK AND ALL THEY TELL ME IS AND I QUOTE




You need to call me, I am terrible confused. The side panel is not an item

that can be returned."


WHAT THE HELL? THE CEO cannot use spell check now? So TOMORROW, when the side panel is due to arrive I will be calling the CEO to get a return that he is "terrible confused" about.....

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