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Intel D945GNT


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Ok I am at my wits end with this Intel Mobo, this is a brand new system 500 watt true power, D930 cpu, 2 gigs of G-Skill DDR2 533 ram. Onboard Video & sound no other cards.

Dual Maxtor 250 Maxline III hard Drives in a raid 0.

Problem is about every 10 boots system will not boot up or will freeze past bios screen or reboot past bios screen. Never see windows screen. The other 9 times computer works fine. I have checked every thing I can. New PS, ran Memtest. System passes all test but still at times will not bootup or reboot on a bootup.

I thought it was the raid drivers but tried a singel drive and same problem.

It seems it may be a memory dual channel problem as so far with one memory stick it has not failed to boot. Problem is about the time I think its fixed it does it again.

Anyone had trouble with Intel 945 chips and memory? Any advice would be great.

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