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  1. G.N.U.Fragman

    Nvidia Vista drivers lawsuit?

    those who buy the latest hard- and software are the ginny pigs today....firms dont quality-check much these days
  2. G.N.U.Fragman

    Fiscal health of DFI?

    i always saw the nf2 boards as a step to get both stability and performance to enthusiast users.....at nf4 (for amd) they pretty much succeeded....and then they went back into their cave of mac-isme boards..... (to those who dont get it:u have to have curtain hardware to let yur system play together ) and the performance wasnt even much better than asus and gigabyte....not listening to those who have the contact to their clients buried themselves..i feel only petty for them.
  3. G.N.U.Fragman

    Which Soundcard For Gaming

    too much trouble with all x-fi types...apperently creative have been using too cheap components....according to rumors
  4. G.N.U.Fragman

    favorite mouse

    the HABU has the best from 2 sides..ergonomic from MS and technology from razor.....
  5. G.N.U.Fragman

    Where are you from?

    Vejle, Denmark @ europe..just north of germany
  6. G.N.U.Fragman

    What power supply do you have? (open to all platforms)

    i still have the 600W ocz powerstream i won in a contest in here....though it has been modded with more silent and blue-led fans.
  7. G.N.U.Fragman

    An Open Letter from ExRoadie

    well i am a newb compared to most of u guys....i first started in here when i decided to buy a dfi nf4 sli-dr ......knew from lots of oc sources that dfi was known as the best for oc, but also the most...well strangest would perhaps be a suitable word. i checked out CS.org and found a link to dfi-street.....and then i noted al kind of things to think about so all things would run fine together.....my first tagan 480W u01 psu was bought..instead of that sh**** aspire. OCZ ram instead of infineon....and a new bios was prepared...only thing i wasnt happy with when i got it tweaked, was actually that noisy chipset cooler.....so i looked around in here and found some inspiration....unfortunately both my dfi n4 sli-dr is now dead..one from water...1 just died, i really dont know why, but it wasnt even in a pc at the time. the only reason i dared choosing a dfi at the time (hearing about all their problems with former boards) was this extreme well helping forum.....i think many others thinks that way too......and any hardware producer should be happy having such support and dedication.......
  8. i have asus..and it really has some issues...the vcore and vdimm flux a lot..randomly....reboot issues, where gfx card wont be detected and a wall of instability about 370FSB is pretty common on p5w dh deluxe....so yes...asus got a lot of problems too..it makes you wonder if it might be the chipset that is the real weak link......
  9. G.N.U.Fragman

    Crossfire + Intel?

    im not sure that is the case unfortunately.....it fluxes pretty much...with or without load....but worst with load....
  10. G.N.U.Fragman

    Crossfire + Intel?

    that asus p5w dh deluxe has quite a few flaws......the worst is a very unstable vcore when it is under load..it really drops from 1.475 to 1.28vcore........and it has at couple of other problems too...but it seems random sometimes. i really miss my old nf4 DFI boards, buying some of the most expensive from one of the most reliable producers should be a guarentee that it would be my cpu that stops me........hope the new lanparty is to appear soon.
  11. the asus p5w dh deluxe has same issues..perhaps it s the chipset that cant handle it ?
  12. G.N.U.Fragman

    Just Pushing It...

    Yeah the intel 975X chipset actually is the real sucker on the boards...i for one awaits the r600 based lanparty from DFI.....asus is ok...but just used to DFI, even though asus too have a load/save setting in bios...hitting strange walls on my conny on the p5w DH deluxe...can pass them but impossible to get stable. it might be the NB making trouble...so the infinity isnt alone suffering because of the 975X chipset.
  13. G.N.U.Fragman

    Just Pushing It...

    well some of the asus p5w DH have a 370FSB wall-of-instability too.....i am waiting for the lanparty model...
  14. G.N.U.Fragman

    Lanparty SLI-D - to - Infinity 975X

    nobody knows....thats the funny thing about OC....only time can surely tell...but do you NEED any extra power ? if not, your choice isnt based on logic, but only the desire to try the new ....and then it really doesnt matter what anybody says.
  15. G.N.U.Fragman

    Conroe Ram dividers.

    over 667 there wont be much extra to get....