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New System

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2500XP+ Barton OEM

Asus A7N8X-Deluxe

512MB Corsair 3200LL

Lite-On Black DVD/CDROM Drive

Sony Black FLOPPY Drive

WD SE 80GB 8MB Cache

420W ThermalTake Silent PurePower

Volcano 11+ (Xaser Edition)

Arctic Silver Ceramique

SuperTalent Aluminum Black case w/ Window (+5 Fans) -- Old style Alienware look.



Re-using some parts (Video card, RW drive), from my old system. Upgrading from a P4 1.4ghz piece of crap, that is slow because RAMBUS is terrible.


I'm relatively NEW to computer building, but I just purchased this after doing a pretty heafty amount of research. I'm wondering, do any of you think I'll have any problems with the 420W powersupply and a mid-tower aluminum case? I'm sorta worried about having enough room for everything.

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nice choices i did that exactly same thing look at my signature


you should be able to get the coast around under 500 easily


ha ha and i up graded from a 1.4 p4 also :)


GOOD choices, i also did hefty research, and everyone who does ends up getting similar stuff


BTW it will oc awesome, i got my 2500+ at 3200+ with my ram at 200mhz so: 200X11=2.2 ghz with temps of 32-34C (gotta change my sig)

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