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  1. Have not been here in a Looo00ng time. But good to know OCC is still going strong. Quick question... the max resolution is 2560x1600 vs 4096 x 2160 on other gxt 750 ti cards. Why is that? here is a comparison link: 2560x1600 vs 4096 x 2160 [newegg.com] Thanks guys
  2. i will agree that my experience with WC has been more hectic than helpful. i prefer air, more practical, cheaper and less hassle. but the temp diff im suspicious about otherwise
  3. take it to a local hardware store, or borrow a neighbor/ friends never buy anything for a one time use, unless u know u will need it again, or u are running into road blocks all the time, by not having one
  4. NICE JOB !!!! :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: i saw the picture, and i actually have thesame monitor, and i ripped the plastic off of my moniter to have it running without the huge unecessary plastic border sticking it in the case looks cool, but these moniters run HOT, so i would be very keen on the ventilation and temp factor, i saw that a few peeps suggested plexi glass in front of the screen for protection, but u might want to make sure that it is really easily removable or you are atlesaset comfortable with the plexiglass, bcause it WILL add glare BTW - what company monitor is that? b/c mine came from a prebuilt comp.
  5. i was wondering if anyone knows of a good virtual PDA program for a pc, i want to put this on my laptop so i can get some programs to work, i checked google, i had poor luck - thanks in advance sorry, PDA now in caps
  6. can u post the orig, w/o the processing/ overlapping or whatever it is
  7. so... pretty much all of them should, and if not i just need a bios update thanks
  8. this is kinda a n00b ? but i have been really out of the loop for a while, i mean back from the 9800 pro p4 C era well my ? is: would a 478 celeron D work in an asus p4p800 mother board? b/c i have all the other parts laying around and i want to make super cheap system w/o spending more than $40 thanks
  9. that is retarded, sometimes people put more in the shiping cost to actually make some of thier money, it is all part of eBay and understandable, u clearly listed it to w/e
  10. i am in need for a cheap un locked gsm phone under like 60 bucks does anyone have an idea where i could get one, or have and extra one laying around that i could buy off of u? Thanks
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