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im tired of saying "bah no one is on skype" and everyone and their mom (its an expression, i havent seen oyur mom on the internet) says "whats that?' or something to that effect. http://skype.com/home.html


go there http://skype.com/home.html get skype


my sn is *after further thought, i dont want everyone skyping me.. i take it off here*, but i wil block stupid people who bug me on it




what the... how did this get in the seti folding general foroum.. i swear i didnt go down this far...

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"so uh.. any of you mods going ot move this?" He asked as a question

"Why, yes." Said the mod, "but first we must beat you over the head for somehow posting in the seti foroum"

"allright" Aliecam declared

and the mods continued in moving his topic to the general foroum, and they lived happily ever after until aliencam posted in the wronf place again and had to wait for the mods to rescue him.







lol thats a little odd, but im bored right now...

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