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Aerocool Extreme Socket 478 Hsf


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Haven't read the whole thing...but I noticed in the chart that a V7+ on med far outshined the same heatsink on high



is that right??

Yup, that is right.


With my particular system setup, I had no system fans, so the only other significant fan would be the PSU fan. When the V7+ is at maximum, it pushed so much air through that the PSU fan couldn't circulate them out fast enough, so some of the warm air didn't move anywhere and got pushed through the heatsink again by the fan, which explains why the V7+ at high setting didn't cool the system as well as it did on medium setting. With proper system airflow, I doubt that would be an issue.


With regards to noise level, the unit is just as loud as the stock Intel fan. The two configurations that are quieter are both the Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu and V7+, but only at the lowest settings for both.

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