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Anyone Know What This Part Is..?


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ok i just found this old computer and it has this thing in it that i dont know what it is.? it look's kinda like an 8 track payer (the thing's they play'ed music on in the 70's)......it is right above the cd rom. i know you cant realy tell by look'ing at it but....that there is all the info i have of it....i was think'ing of take'ing a pic of what it look's like in the computer but i have everything back on it now. it is one of the realy big computer's that it take's forever to get the top on and off....almost 10 min's. if you need a pic of it from inside the computer i will get it but all it look's like is a cd rom...the only thing diff is it plug's into a card on the motherboard along with the harddrive (note that it is a realy big an old hard drive)....it is gateway2000 G6-300 with a pentium 2 in it if that help's.

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