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some may thing this is a dump question !! :):P


is it true that you can run your ram with another frequency than

your chipset frequency on dfi boards ?

for example chipset 250

ram on ddr400 211


please write easy english

im from germany ..mine suxx

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I don't speak German, but there are lots of overclockers that do! ;)




As for your question, it sounds like you are referring to memory dividers. This is a way to operate the memory at a frequency lower than the actual HTT, in order to improve overclocking headroom.

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yes i know what ure talking about...

but i red something in a german forum

that u can run ur chipset at for example 250

@ ddr400

this would mean your ram would have a frequency for about 250


but somebody sayed you could run 200 frequency by leaving ddr400

for first i thought this wont work

but it sounds hot...


ps: i know something about cpu ratio htt ram specifications

but not everything

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