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DFI NF4-ultra d for your ASUS/EPOX sli.


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I need 3 pci slots. my ultra d only has 2. so want one of those other good overclockers like A8N sli deluxe/premium or EPOX sli board. would do even trade. here are the details on my board


DFI NF4 ultra - d , chipset HSF replaced with vantec iceberg. no karajan module or any accessories, i/o shield is included. I dont need any accessories from your board other than the i/o shield and possiblly sli-bridge.


on the other hand i might also consider trading my 3800X2 (toledo) + DFI NF4 ultra-D + 2x512 ocz GOLD BH-5 memory for your intel 9xx combo. (cpu+memory+mobo)

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