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  1. Read the ad very carefully, i have listed important parts in bold. everything guaranteed non-doa. 939 combo: SOLD CPU-Opteron 165: lidless chip (i can provide a different IHS), this has 1 pin missing. The missing pin is memory address pin for channel B. Because of this, the chip only works in single channel. Works perfectly in single channel . no problem. I have not overclocked this CPU, so dont ask for oc results. MOBO- Biostar Tforce 6100 939. Comes with i/o shield. if i find the spdif bracket , i will include. HSF - I can provide a thermalright slk-948 U with 80mm panaflo fan. this is the HSF i used with this lidless cpu. MEMORY - i have 2 1GB sticks off ddr. one is a corsair ddr400 (with LEDs), the other is 1GB gigaram pc3700. i have run these 2 sticks installed in channel A of the mobo and worked just fine. price for all of the above is $220 + actual shipping. if you dont want the HSF, i will do $210 + shipping. NOT PARTING OUT.i would be willing to drop 1 stick of memory tho. each stick of memory is $50. Video cards: AGP: evga 6800 (not a gf/ultra). regular 6800. received yesterday fresh from RMA. brand new seriel number so i am sure there is warranty and step up. I have not registered. i only opened the packing to make sure its the exact card. i havent opened the plastic shell. -$55 + shipping. Prices are firm. No trades at this moment heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=43082
  2. looking to get something under $40. pm me with what you have. celeron or p4 . i want something with HSF tho. my heat is under cganesh75
  3. I dont have any problem shipping first. here is my heat http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=43082 whats urs? if you have more heat than me, i will defenitely do it. if we go by posts here, thats fine too. i need your address tho
  4. wireless adapters are linksys wireless-b adapters model WPC11-VN v.4 brand new in box $15+shipping each.
  5. have a few laptop parts for sale. 1. 1.4Ghz pentium-M banias core. Bought it to use in my B-130 but my motherboard doesnt support it so here it goes -$30 shipped 2. 2x256MB ddr2-533Mhz nanya brand - $30 shipped. take the memory and cpu for $50 shipped 3. I have 3 wireless adapters are linksys wireless-b adapters model WPC11-VN v.4 brand new in box $15+shipping each. also i have a core duo t2400 (YONAH). i am looking for a motherboard for it, but if somebody is interested, i will sell the cpu for $175+shipping. my heat is under cganesh75
  6. i want either one of those rams. or something that can get to DDR600 without much increase in voltage. would prefer TCCD. might even consider a 2x512 pc4800. heatware under cganesh75
  7. CPU sold at AT. motherboard is available $50 shipped my heat is under cganesh75
  8. i have a bare audigy2 zs. its the retail version. I dont have any accessories. PM me if you a re interested
  9. I need 3 pci slots. my ultra d only has 2. so want one of those other good overclockers like A8N sli deluxe/premium or EPOX sli board. would do even trade. here are the details on my board DFI NF4 ultra - d , chipset HSF replaced with vantec iceberg. no karajan module or any accessories, i/o shield is included. I dont need any accessories from your board other than the i/o shield and possiblly sli-bridge. on the other hand i might also consider trading my 3800X2 (toledo) + DFI NF4 ultra-D + 2x512 ocz GOLD BH-5 memory for your intel 9xx combo. (cpu+memory+mobo)
  10. did you try to re-seat the cpu? also , all the 4 power connectors are connected?
  11. all sold guys. sorry for not updatinig the thread.
  12. Hi, i am new here. i usually trade in anandtech and hardforum . I Need the IHS for my mobile s754 processor. i need it really soon. let me knowif you got any. if you have a dead processor thats fine too i will take the IHS off it . my heat is cganesh75 (not sure what kinda feedback is used here)
  13. i enabled the CNQ in the bios and when i reboot. it freezes right where it starts loading xp after passing the bios and stuff
  14. Hi. I just put together my first DFI system with athlon 64 3400+ newcastle. I system setup went fine. but anytime i enable CNQ windows xp will freeze when it starts to load. if i turn off the CNQ then its fine. first time when i booted cpu-z said i am running 220Mhz fsb and 11x multi for 2.4Ghz. i went and tried to change the bios to see where i can get. any changes to the bios will result in "detecting Array" status for a while and reboot and come back to the same spot. Windows will nto load. only way to avoid this is to go in the bios again and select "load optimized default" but after i did that windows loaded and when i check cpu-z it says 200FSB and 12x multi. if i try to put it back to 220FSB and 11x multi same problem as about "detecting array" . i am not sure if it is SATA drive or not. i have my HDD connected in SATA 1. any advice will help. i am not sure what i am doing wrong.
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