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Forgot my clocks..

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I reset CMOS recently, and no matter what I try I cant get back my 2.4GHz CPU speed. I can't understand it. I have looked up my old posts and it doesnt seem to work. It took me a while to finally understand LDT/HTT and now I've forgot.


Before I reset, I had a 2.4GHz CPU.. and my ram is DDR400 and ran at 200MHz.


I thought this was how it worked:


FSB = 240 x 10 = 2400Mhz CPU speed

240 x 4 = 960 mhz HTT/LDT

DRAM divder 5:6 to bring my memory down to 200Mhz.


These settings do not work anymore. I get blue screen right after the WindowsXP bar. I put my FSB back to 200 and it always boots.





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The CPU voltage? Well I didnt think I upped it before, but its a possibility.


stock mine says 1.402V i think it was as seen in bios reading. I upped it to 1.425V for this test, but it didnt help.


just went up to 1.475V, didnt help. Put it back down. I had a 2.4Ghz cpu for at least a year. Wish I had wrote down my settings. I'll keep searching for my old posts. They might not have been on this forum. There was another forum that had a lot of info on it also.

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Lower the htt/ldt to 3x. It is calculated as 240x4x2=1920 which should still be ok. But, try 3x anyway. Also, run memtest to see if your ram are stable. If it passed, try up the cpu vcore a bit more to 1.5V. You can also search the overclock database to see what vcore others are using for your cpu.

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