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  1. I just got a error 50 on my LCD yesterday all of a sudden. my machine wouldnt seem to boot. It would always hang after the CPU line on bios post. Then after 3-4 mins it finally boots up. i havent touched my bios in months. is there a chart somewhere for the LCD codes? thanks
  2. exact same stuff dude. The first issue isnt a problem. The system boot only gives you the complete bios info when you do a cold boot. A restart without power off does an abbreviated bios/post check. I installed my dual core yesterday, my cpu info is gone from my Gernal tab in system properties also. Only the ram listing is seen.
  3. Just a note on my Raptor charts I posted somewhere in here. I installed my first dual core CPU today. No difference in my HD tach. I guess it doesnt effect that much. from a 3200+ single core to a 4800+ dual core. I gained .1ms in access but thats prob just a coincidence. and my cpu utilization is 3%.
  4. In device manager, my Nvidia nforce RAID class controller says: Date: 2/11/2005 Version: 5.10.2600.518
  5. awesome info! I just did a test on my raptor dual 74gb array. I tried disabling read cache. My burst went up, but my access went down. I'll edit this w pics soon. I'm trying disabling command queue first. WITH READ CACHE AND NCQ ENABLED: WITH READ CACHE DISABLED, BUT NCQ STILL ENABLED: WITH READ CACHE AND NCQ BOTH DISABLED: (0% cpu??)
  6. Western Digital 320GB SATA drive w 16MB cache -I bought this at Best Buy only 2 weeks ago. -Got some new Raptors and don't need this one anymore. -Have original box, all original packing. $90 + shipping within USA. http://sicily.globat.com/~bellbottomblaste...s/selldiskk.jpg ************************************************************* WinXP Home Retail SOLD
  7. So, which one would you personally choose between the choices above. some people always stick with the better access time of the raptor. But the transfer rates are so much better on the RAID setup.. I would think that might help in loading games and things like that, since I only have 1GB of ram.
  8. i posted elsewhere, then found this thread. compare my single raptor to my regular sata in RAID 0 Single raptor Dual WD 320Gb in RAID 0 using Silicon Image controller: Dual WD 320Gb in RAID 0 using Nvidia Nforce controller:
  9. 3 tests. Was comparing my raptor to a striped non raptor setup. All in all, now im tempted to keep the new pair of disks. Look at how much better the nvidia controller is than the silicon image controller. All clusters done in 16k. I recall something about this forum being super uptight about pic size, so i changed these to URL just in case. 1. Raptor 74GB single drive. http://sicily.globat.com/~bellbottomblaste...images/74gb.jpg 2. Two WD 320GB 16mb cache drives using the Silicon Image RAID controller. http://sicily.globat.com/~bellbottomblaste...mages/raid0.jpg 3. Two WD 320GB 16mb cache drives using the Nvidia Nforce4 RAID controller. http://sicily.globat.com/~bellbottomblaste...ages/raid02.jpg
  10. The CPU voltage? Well I didnt think I upped it before, but its a possibility. stock mine says 1.402V i think it was as seen in bios reading. I upped it to 1.425V for this test, but it didnt help. just went up to 1.475V, didnt help. Put it back down. I had a 2.4Ghz cpu for at least a year. Wish I had wrote down my settings. I'll keep searching for my old posts. They might not have been on this forum. There was another forum that had a lot of info on it also.
  11. I reset CMOS recently, and no matter what I try I cant get back my 2.4GHz CPU speed. I can't understand it. I have looked up my old posts and it doesnt seem to work. It took me a while to finally understand LDT/HTT and now I've forgot. Before I reset, I had a 2.4GHz CPU.. and my ram is DDR400 and ran at 200MHz. I thought this was how it worked: FSB = 240 x 10 = 2400Mhz CPU speed 240 x 4 = 960 mhz HTT/LDT DRAM divder 5:6 to bring my memory down to 200Mhz. These settings do not work anymore. I get blue screen right after the WindowsXP bar. I put my FSB back to 200 and it always boots.
  12. forgot, this sold today on another forum. its shipped.
  13. as much as i'd like to try it on my new $550 card... no way im doing it. I bet this cooler is even quieter than my stock one. The new stock cooler design i got is loud. But at least it keeps it very cool. I just dont have the balls to try this again on a card of that price. Although theres probably a 1% chance it would happen again, if I broke another card I might kill myself.
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