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  1. Rob: where can you get it for $80. I am interested in 2x1GB.
  2. WOW, I am impressed: stock cooling, 450W PSU (I know Sonata is good). I was thinking of Asrock 4core (or whatever it is called) with E4300, but you might have changed my mind. Looking forward to seeing your further test results and gaming results.
  3. If I can recall correctly, the 9800 pro is a big juice sucker, and you are running it with 400 W, with a lot of usb's that require power as well. Maybe usage time has weakened the PSU. Try unhooking everything, except the bare minimum, i.e., cpu and fan, a stick of ram, a HDD, your 9800 if you do not have an older one.
  4. Thanks, Mark and Branjo for your info. I am not looking for great overclocking. But, I saw some review that the Askrock can do 300fsbx9=2700 which is enough for my purpose. My existing AMD board in my sig can do 3.0 GHz. I don't play games. I use it for ffdshow and photo editing, which I find I need 2 GB of ram. Instead of spending more money on 2 GB of DDR1, I am thinking of buying this Askrock board, E4300 2GB of DDR2, use my existing video card, the case and PSU (which is rated 380W and has ample of juice). Then, eventually, I'll migrate to a better board when the price comes down more and when I am forced to use DX10 or DHCP compatible cards. This is really low cost, step-wise upgrade path. What do you think about my plan? jdh79: sorry for hijacking this thread.
  5. I am considering building E4300 with the Askrock cheapy mobo. If I use Thermalright xp120, what sort of temp readings should I expect? TIA
  6. I use xp120 which you already have. You just have to modify it a little to get good contact without the mobile pad. What I did was to tape a penny beside each of the legs of the mounting plate, and then sand (I actually used a file) the legs down to the level of the penny. I also lap the xp120, but it is not worth the trouble. I would not do it again. I am running 39c idle and 44c full load @ 3.0 GHz.
  7. Thanks for the response. Capt: How high were you able to oc the newark with this memory? I see you have now gone on to the opty, congrads. I think I'll stick to this nf3 for a while until I lost interest in photo editing (too many hobbies and too little time). Edit: I browsed NCIX and they do not have any. Where did you buy yours? Thanks. Mack: I use Adobe Lightroom (beta 4) or Nikon PictureProject to do post porcessing. After a few jobs, it slows down to almost a halt and I had to do hard reboot. These programs suggest minimum of 1 GB memory. I suspect maybe something to do with page file as well. I'll increase it to see if it helps before buying more momory.
  8. I need to use 2 GB memory for photo editing tasks on nf3 250gb board. Any suggestions?
  9. You will be wasting your time and effort, because sooner or later you'll have to buy a new HSF and re-install, and in that process you run into the risk of braking the cpu.
  10. I am impressed. Will you post your the rest of your spec, vcore, chipset etc.? Will you post in overclock database?
  11. Thanks for trying, I can barely read it the cpu freq is 2445x10. I guess your original post of 3.45GHz is a typo.
  12. 3.45GHz? FSB or CPU speed? What multi? Care to post a CPUZ? or give more detailed breakdown?
  13. Take a look at my sig and also my post in s754 overclock database. I have the same reason as you to keep the nf3 and take advantage of the newark for another year or so. BTW, I use an antec 380W psu (details in my sig) and no problem to oc to 3.0GHz. BTW, I had to mod the bracket of the thermalright 120.
  14. If you post in the nf3 forum about GGG, and link this thread, maybe some of those will post in the OCDB. I have seen a few of them with speed over 3 GHz. BTW, my stepping is SH-E5
  15. I suggest you repost your question to whatever board you have, and more details of your equipment, also your signature.
  16. If the 3700+ can do 3 GHz, I would not have bought the 4000+ :nod: I think the default for 3700+ is 2.4GHz (not sure though) and the 4000+is 2.6Ghz. So, maybe you can indeed reach 3 GHz given enough vcore, but you will be risking shortened life span. This is based on the fact that some of 4000+ folks here have done 3.1Ghz at 1.65 Vcore. This is really pushing it.
  17. Click the Configure button. A configure page will show up. Now click the Speeds tab on top. It will show 3 boxes on the right. The first box is for the cpu fan. click on the name to change it to CPU (just like rename in windows explorer). Then click the box. On the bottom of the page, you will see 3 boxes. Choose the Minimum and Maximum values by using the up/down arrows. In my case, I chose 50% as minimum and 70% as max. You need to experiement to see what % max is best for you. It is a compromise of temperature control and fan noise. Also, click the Automatically variated box. Now click on the Second box on the right and change the name to PWMIC or Chipset, do the same for the min and max boxes. The the last bos on the right is for the system fan, do the same for min and max. Click on to return to the first page. If you want automatic fan speed control, click the Automatic fan speed box, and it will work according the set min and max values you entered. If you do not want auto control, you can change the speed of the fans on the right side, bottom third where you should see the three boxes. Use the arrows to change the speed. An added benefit of using speedfan is the S.M.A.R.T tab on top. Click on it, and it will find your HDD and show if they are healthy. You can read the decription in Speedfan home page. BTW, I use Speedfan 4.28
  18. Here is what I do with my nf3 ut. In smartfuarian, click options. On CPU Fan tab, click Software programmable mode, same for PWMIC fan and system fan. Now run SpeedFan. Click Configuration and click Speeds tab. Set the minimum and Max values, and automated variated. Click OK. Click Automatic fan speed. After all this, fans should run at the fan speed you set, but smartguardian must be the first one to run. I put shortcuts of both on startup file so when computer comes on, it run smartguadian first and the speedfan. BTW I use Joop's mod to make smarguadian look real nice. I wish someone can mod speedfan because it looks ugly.
  19. Lower the htt/ldt to 3x. It is calculated as 240x4x2=1920 which should still be ok. But, try 3x anyway. Also, run memtest to see if your ram are stable. If it passed, try up the cpu vcore a bit more to 1.5V. You can also search the overclock database to see what vcore others are using for your cpu.
  20. Is the cpu installed in the ziff (?) socket properly? The little lever has to go all the way down and lock. Is the HSF spinning?
  21. Did it beep? Long beep or short? Did you see the LED lights? If no, check your power cable connections. Also, check if you have to connect your x800 to a separate power plug.
  22. I have the Antec Sonata case with 380W. I have no problem, altho I have 9600xt vid card. You can see from my sig the current ratings. 12V has 24A.
  23. Why do you want 2 80 GB drives in Raid 0 instead of a single 160 GB drive? In any case the best deal is 250 GB or 300 GB Seagate. Sata 2 (3 Mbps) is not supported by this mobo, but you can swith it to Sata 1 (1.5 Mbps).
  24. I can't remember exactly. I think it has to do with before you get to windows. Search this forum if you really care to know.
  25. Did you try to config it in options in SG. You can set it to manual control with your preferred temp.
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