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InFeKtioN's FS/WTB Thread Items Added 09-24-06

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Guest InFeKtioN

Here I have a few Items for sale ..... All Items include shipping to the US only.

I will accept Pay Pal .... but I do ask that you be verrified/confirmed......

If you have any questions, ask !


I am looking for a couple of SLI waterblocks for 2 evga 7800GT's I have.

Willing to trade !



Price Drop !



OCZ Powerstream 520 PSU

Link here


Used maybe 5 hours.










eVGA Geforce 6800GS CO SE Part # 256-P2-N389-AX Hard to Find Card !

Link Here



I have used this card maybe 30 hours. It run very nice FAST !!!! I have not yet registered it with eVGA.

Comes with reatail box and all accessories.ice heatsink on it ... the same one as the 7900's I beleive !


6800gsxz5.th.jpg 6800gsxu8.th.jpg 6800gscose2fe5.th.jpg 6800gscose1ku4.th.jpg








Opteron 144 CAB2E 0602 GPAW Wonder Chip 2.8!!!!

I bought this new (OEM) and was going to use it for a second RIG and decided I have no time or funds to do so ! It has about 30 hours on it. I got it up to 2.8 on stock volts Prime stable for like 25 hours. I have never increased the volts over stock.

Specs for the Test :

Ultra D

G.Skill Extreme 4000 HZ 2x 1G

EVGA 6800GS CO SE (same as above)

Hitachi SATA II 80 HDD


The Pictures tell All !


opty144wj3.th.jpg 144xr1.th.jpg test1th7.th.jpg







eVGA nForce 4 SLI Mainboard 133-K8-NF41-AX

Link here .


Brand New ..... Never Used (duh) and has not been registered. Only opend to take PIC's

This board is supposed to be a very good OverClocker !


mobofd3.th.jpg mobo2vn0.th.jpg







Zalman Fatality FS-V7 VGA Cooler Great Temps !

Link here . Look under "Coolers for" then "Graphics Card" then "Fatal1ty FS-V7" .....

You will find installation instructions. Compatible Cards, Incompatible cards, Manual and more .....


fatalitypc3.th.jpg fatal5thumbhy1.th.jpg fatal4thumbgm4.th.jpg


Asking $25 Shipped.....OBO





2 (two)HITACHI Deskstar 80GB HDS728080PLA380 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drives - OEM

Link here .

I have two of these for sale .... They are virtually new, about 30 hours or so on them .

These drive are very FAST if you plan on a RAID setup.


hitachiqp5.th.jpg hitachi2ir9.th.jpg


I have 4 of them that I use for myself in a RAID 0 ... Here ia a PIC of a bench on my 4 !









CoolerMaster CoolDrive 4 BLACK Hard Drive Temp Controller !

Link here and here .


Brand New In The Box .... Sill Factory Sealed ! This is the BLACK one !!!!!







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Guest InFeKtioN

bump-ed ...


Man..... I hope some of my bro's here takes advantage of this stuff.

I am affraid I will hav to go to the Bay come Friday Night when I get home from work.


So think hard if you want something ...... LMK Ask the questions ...... Dont let it get away ...... you know you want it !



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