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  1. Bumpy added a few item in the past few days.Asus P5E/Ultima 90+102cfm 92x25mm Delta / Geil DDR2 Evo Ones PC2 6400
  2. Bump added a Ultima 90 and Geil Evo Ones DDR2 800
  3. Hmm thats weird I have the Evo Ones running pretty good with myP5E X38 chipset.I have 4x1gbs of Geils EVo Ones DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 versions and they are pretty nice.They run nice and cool and i dont have a fan blowing on them atm.They aint the best overclocker but they arent the worst.I can do DDR2 1056 with 2.2v and 5-5-5-15 so i would imagine the 8500's can do even better.
  4. Yeah i have to pay back my GF for the E8400..lol.Hey mark i just relized it was you..lol
  5. It only has the 775 mounting.939 wont work i had to grind through the mounting hole so it wont hold a bolt,No big deal for 775 but not good for 939
  6. I set the bios at 1.65v but my P5E has terrible vdrop and cpuz was showing 1.59v.I never tried to get it stable i just ran a few bench marks but when 3Dmark06 crashed i went back to my normal 3.2ghz.I did have it booting but crashing right after windows at 1.55v in the bios at 4.0ghz
  7. Dont..lol at my cam.Im poor thats why i need to sell my Quad..hehe so i can buy a new cam..just kidding.I didnt have batteries for my DIG cam so i used my WEB cam hence the HORRIBLE pics but yes its a G0 SLACR
  8. Added Ultima 90 and Geil Evo Ones DDR2 800
  9. My info I accept Paypal Non CC and Postal MO's. Shipping unless stated is included.Usa shipping /If your from Canda It will cost a little extra Stuff for sale ---------------------------------------------------- Thermalright Ultima 90 (Lapped) + 92x25mm Delta fan ------------------------------------------------------------------- The fan has the wire sleeved and pushs a 102cfm.This combo let me run my Quad at 3.7ghz daily with 1.425v Idle core temps were in the mid/upper thirties like 35c to 38c and load never went over 67c with this fan and H/S.I have all the clips and even the thermalright case sticker and manual.I can show pics if you like. Im asking $50 shipped for the fan and Ultima 90 Black Ice Pro -------------------------------- single 120mm fan version with a 120x25 fan (either a Green LED or plan black you pick)and swiftec rad box Im asking $30 New Pic's coming of the Ultima 90 and fan and the BIP with Rad box and Fan Items that have been sold -------------------------------------------------------------------- Q6600---Sold to Tyrinon Apogee non GT---sold to Ad RocK Swiftech MCW 30--sold to Ad RocK Evga PCI-E 6800GS----sold to corpsejockey 2x1gb Geil Evo Ones DDR2 800--sold to Brollocks 2x1gbs Geil Evo Ones DDR2 800--sold to digimon320
  10. I just upgraded from a P5K-E to a P5E and my P5K-E is the better board imho.Hardly any Vdrop unlike my P5E which has massive Vdrop.The P5K-E is much easier to OC with and seem to be a bit faster in bench marks at the same speeds.Except benchmarks like 3Dmark03/05/06 which are about the same.PCI-E 2.0 isnt any help unless your running SLI or crosssfire
  11. Everything is on hold atm.
  12. Well if in a few days or so i cant sell it as a kit.Yeah ill part it out.And the pump is the varible speed pump 1 to 5.Im getting ready to put up a little bit. Edit:Having trouble getting my USB cord to work with my Cam.I will keep trying but if i cant get pic's up tonight ill use my cam corder tomorrow to get some Pic's posted
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