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  1. Me! Another sucky week. Projected 80 and most likely will not even hit the halfway mark. Good thing I have only lost one game in the yahoo league. I still like how the Espn fantasy is compared to yahoo. Again I made the wrong decision on not putting in Ryan Grant.
  2. Alright! little past the half way mark so Who's it gonna be in this league? Not Me but I could put a damper in your shorts (be nice). So let's here your smack attack, suggestions or beef. The only smack I can give is by chewing some bubble gum. Suggestions=give me all your good players. Beef=If you have a team, try to play your players. Even if you think your going to loose. All the rest is news, notes and crap. I have a lot of that! McLovin Heres my suggestion, Keep it the way you have it dude! Doesn't matter what you do, I'll still loose. (shush everybody it's reverse psychology).
  3. Bacon not getting a break as of this write up. Poor McNair Quack for all time High!!!!!!!!!! Pigskin only needs a tie to WIN
  4. Got my butt spanked once again! I figured it would have been a little closer but who would have thunk that AP would get 46 friggin points. Man he's good. I'll be in that losers lounge with you Nero.
  5. No sense in putting in players during the week when status changes so much. On another note, Your right on getting more points on the bench. It seems that I get more out of players when they sit. LOL I have only one game with fairly high #'s and still lost. I can only win against teams that put in bye week players or no player at all. So my odds of winning is very low. If I am raped, please use K Y jelly.
  6. Cheap 939 Board with PCI Express. Does not have to be SLI. Does not have to be retail. Prefer name brand but will consider others after I look up specs. Also 1 gig (1 x 1GB) PC3200 184 pin. Again, prefer name brand but will consider others. Putting together light gaming and email machine. I will not be overclocking on it. Thanks again.
  7. Oh no worry on Manning. Even if he has a real bad game , he will give you more than enough to win. I keep trying though!!!! Last night I was hoping he would get a DUI and be out of the game tonight lol.
  8. Even though I have lost 3 in a row, this have been a lot of fun and work. I have little time through out the week but its been a blast. I just can not talk smack. EVER. lol Already wanting to know who I will get next year
  9. Texas D is good but against Indy, no way. That's why I put in KC against Min. Much better odds. Maybe this week Texas will see some action.
  10. I have utilized the waiver list except this last time as I am usually on the road. By the way, not much to pick from. HeHe
  11. I was so close this time but every time I began to have a little hope, Bree's kept going backwards. I really think him and Grossman hung out with each other this past summer. If they did, I'm sure Bree's was on top! I have to find out who came over the other night and kicked me in the groin when I opened up the door. I thought it was the pizza guy! My vision blurred some(actually a lot) but I think he might have been wearing a hockey jersey and carrying a hockey stick. When I finally came out of my coma, there was a note from my girlfriend saying she left me for a real man that really knows how to fantasize. "huh" Whatever that means. Dang.....where did I put that ice pack.
  12. Alright! I have gone down in flames 2 weeks in a row. I think I will have my guys sit week 3 out, rest up and recuperate. Only if it was that easy. I have fired the N.O. Defense (they took it pretty hard). Last I heard they were on there way to the Bahamas for the rest of the season singing (bye bye miss American pie). I am not sure but think I saw O.J. Simpson getting on the same plane, disguised as there mascot. Hum Hum! Like Angry said, 2 losses and its hard to bounce back. Mine was more than just losses, I think I am going backwards in time. If I want my opponent to chuckle, all I have to send him or her a smack card telling them I am going to creme them in a game. Well I am not giving up yet. Its still fun. Nice write up again Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I can deal with loosing but to get annihilated 2 weeks in a row. WOW!!!! Mostly from a team (NO Saints) getting their aces kicked. I for one thing this coming week will not play NO. Somethings gotta give. Frustrating:mad:. Good job Buck. I may get some more points on Mon but not enough. I will hide in the corner tonight with my tail between my legs.
  14. I had it where it was a push between us but made some changes. Even though u may b the favorite. Im betting win!!!!! For me. He he!!!! Where's that smack button........ GO MAKER'S:)
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