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Artic Cooler 64 Pro or ThermalRight XP90c ???


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I'm thinking of changing my cooler for one of the below:


Artic Cooler 64 Pro

ThermalRight XP90c


I just wanted to know if any of you have any pictures of these installed so I can get an Idea of how it fits on the LanParty NF3 Ultra - D board. Also what are your guys current operating temps using these coolers, both idle and load.


I have read many, many reviews and I would like some second, third opinions as I just do not trust some of these review sites, they are bias ! ! What better way to get the real info, but from real users and people running the same board....


People using dual cores are especially welcome to respond... is there anyone that's system is not overclocked that can give me an idea of their temps. my systems local temp currently runs @ 32c


If any of you were ever thinking of becoming review writers then this could be your perfect opportunity to get some practice in and show what you are made of, it could also be linked for other reviewers to read. :D

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I'm not going to use either both, i have just got a Zalman CNPS9500 after reading so many good reviews about it but both of the coolers you have listed are still highly rated from what iv seen.

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Two things I like about the Arctic C64 Pro:

  1. The nifty cool-ribbon design helps keeping the PWM ICs cool:
    I don't know if the ThermalRight's big copper block allows for the same airflow from the cpu_fan.
  2. It let's you rotate the HSF on the socket so that you can always direct the hot air flow to the back of your case(-fan).

I can't give you a good indication about CPU temps, because I have one of those A64 Newcastle processors with faulty temp readings. Currently running CPU Burn-in and the cpu temp maxes at 63C (52C idle) in ITE SmartGuardian.


In reply to your pm: I have a 80mm fan in front and a 120mm fan in the back of my Chenbro GB. I don't think it is a case with cooling properties, but I am using a lot of fan mods and I am very tidy with cable management.

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Thanks for your responses guys...


I did look at about 8 reviews, 4 each for the two coolers and I just wanted to see them installed...


Sp00f3r: thanks for replying, I have put below two images of my set up, they are not very good or clear so will have to take em again sometime... but since I PM's you I decided to install an exhaust fan.


I used the 90mm fan off my ThermalTake silent Tower this is quite a decent rated fan with high CFM rating, its a little louder than I normally like so I have some extra noise from the rig: 21db




Here you can see it installed:




On top of that I have a Akasa 80mm ultra quiet fan on the front, that only has a low CFM rating though.


Here you can see almost the inside of my case:




Its not a great picture but the cables and tie wrapped up so that they don't restrict air flow, with the addition of the exhaust fan my system currently operates @ the below temps:


CPU: 36c idle

Chipset: 34c idle

System/local: 30c idle


CPU: 44c load

Chipset: 38c load

System/local: 32c load


Now compared to my last post about temps, thats a big improvement especially as all I have done is fitted an exhaust fan... so I want to change the CPU cooler and lower it by another 5c swap the 90mm exhaust for the full 120mm sucking about 50+cfm of air flow and a new 90mm fan for the front again pulling about 50 + CFM of air..


I've managed to find these fans but just need to wait for pay day to get them, so I just need to see some installed pics for the two CPU coolers and I would also like some recommendations on the GFX card cooler.


Should I get an Arctic Silencer for my card or the Zalaman Fatl1ty gfx cooler?, should I put the vantec copper cooler on the chipset ?? I want it cool and reasonably quiet !

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Here's my fan setup:



The 120mm casefan is a Noiseblocker SX1 (65 m3, 17 dB/A).


I try to keep my case as air-flow friendly as possible. I've put my 2 Raptor HDs in position 0 and 2 in the HD-cage to maximize incoming flow from the front 8mm fan (CoolerMaster TLF-S82-ER):




If you wanna keep them al quite (which they are by themselves, but you can be picky like me ;)) then at least go for these handy mounting rubbers or go all out and buy some fan/temp control like I did:



Cooler-Master Cool-Drive 4 that also houses my Deskstar 7k250 HD.


The temp you see, is what the sensor that is stuck to the side of my CPU HSF measures. No way it corresponds to what Smartguardian is telling me. Maybe I'll try and stick it between CPU and HSF, but I don't know if that is going to help much. When I did this for the GPU it never showed a proper reading either. Probably because I did not cover the GPU with the sensor (off course!) and having it in a corner under the heatsink is not enough I guess. The RPMs are from the back 120mm casefan. CPU_fan is hooked to motherboard (I find that saver).


I control my GPU fan, 120mm, 80mm and Cool-Drive4 build-in fan with the panel.


I used to have a Arctic Silencer on my 9800Pro, great cooler! Removes hot air from the system as well. The Zalman VRF700-Cu I use also blows over the nF3 250GB chipset, so I can do without Ice-Berg cooler actually. When I used C'n'Q with RMClock and Smartguardian this chipset fan would completely stop when my PC was idle.


Cheers $p00f3r


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Now that looks the business.... I have my HDD's in the same slots as you!


Your cables could do with a tidy lol ! ! :angel:


Do you find that the 120mm fan draws the air from the Arctic's fan and thus putting force on the HSF? How do the two fans compare and what's the CFM rating of your 80mm intake fan?


So what Zalaman cooler is that on your GFX?? is that the one that is only one sided? I noticed you have a coolermaster chipset fan etc.. whats that and is it silent?


The Arctic pro will give me much needed room for air flow, as you have seen in my picture it takes alot of space!


I need to do some research for quite fans with high CFM rates, do you have a UK link for the fan 120mm you have?

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I'm not sure how it would fit on an NF3, but on my NF4 I couldn't mount my AC 64 Pro facing towards the exhaust fan because it interfered with the ram in the closest slot. This may be a factor in your decision. Mine points "up" towards the PSU, which is fine. However, the AC 64's fan is pretty close to the video card which isn't optimal.


Temps are good (I've got pretty good airflow and an AC Silencer on my 7800GT, which helps) - at stock (on my weenie 3000+) it idled at 25-26, only maybe 3-5 degrees above the room temp. Overclocked as below it idles at 29 deg and full load is ~40-42 deg. Games are usually <=40. If forced to guess (and I must stress "guess"), I'd say that my o/c is hotter than your CPU at stock speeds... but obviously if you overclock yours will create much more heat.


Mine is attached to a fan controller, and while somewhat audible at the high fan setting it is pretty quiet when turned down. It only runs a few degrees warmer when the fan is on the minimum - occasionally I forget to turn it up when playing games and it still doesn't break 45.


Finally, even at the highest o/c below (the 2.6ghz, 1.6v one), it still holds temps down to about 45 deg.


As a side bonus, it's extremely easy to install. However, since I've never used the Thermalright, I can't compare for you. I did briefly use a Zalman 7000 before putting the AC on, and the AC performs a little better at stock settings (I didn't o/c with the Zalman).

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So what Zalaman cooler is that on your GFX?? is that the one that is only one sided? I noticed you have a coolermaster chipset fan etc.. whats that and is it silent?


It's a VRF700-Cu with blue LEDs. And it is not completely one sided; you get memory heatsinks too. And you get a fancontrol thinghy (well you can chose between 1500rpm = silent or 2700 rpm = also pretty silent) with it. I control it with the Cooldrive though.


The chipset fan is not very silent (5100rpm), but can be controlled with SG or Speedfan or the like. Like I said before, with the Zalman VRF-700 you probably don't need chipset cooling because of the position of the nF 250GB chip under the AGP slot.

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