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  1. How many computers are there on the network and what IP subnet is the router assigning addresses from? i.e. - - etc.. try going into your routers LAN config and changing the starting subnet to something like... for example.
  2. Oh my angry is bamboozled ! ! lol On topic... I guess its time to start looking for another PSU then !
  3. I have Saitek to and its quality... Cyborg 3D Platinum, had it two years now.... and when I upgrade it... I will get either another Saitek ! !
  4. 3Com is a NO NO, D-Link is ok.. I would recommend a hard wired router though and not a wireless D-Link one... Linksys and Belkin are great.. Dynamode, NetGear good..! It really depends on the kind of security your looking for, you could just get a basic router with MAC address filtering and some port forwarding functionality etc.. and then settle for a seperate hardware firewall or software if your not as security concious as some people.
  5. It cant get any worse than the distance between the Blue Orb 2 and the AGP card, the coolers lower fin is touching the rear mounting bracket of the AGP cards cooler. If the bracket wasn't there then it would be like Xmm away from the board. As you can see this is not agood thing and needs to be addressed.
  6. Hi Guys, Well I have never really seen a post like this before where people were more interested in the 2D side of GFX cards... any modern card will do you... heck an ATi X1300 Pro will work for you guys ! ! or did you want it to be ViVo? Local Memory sizes onboard the gfx card are not really an issue for 2D work, with PhotoShop its more important to have larger system memory such as 2gig main memory and a good sized page file if you use a page file. As for the talk about image quality, yes the gfx card does control the overal look on the screen (resolution/DPi), image quality when capturing screenshots in game or desktop images are not that imprortant as you are creating / importing your own directly in the applications, but its the render engine in Photoshop where the magic happens not the hardware used to simply relay that image onto the screen. It is important as you know, to ensure proper calibration of your screen and printing hardware for the correct output for print/media.
  7. I see you have compared the 4800+ X2 and the 4200+ X2, I must admit that I only built my new PC back in January and when deciding on the CPU, I was in a bit of a pickle like yourself... I have always been an AMD user, back since my first ever K6 500mhz Let me tell you, I pondered over the idea of a new Intel Pentium D... after researching it turns out that I saved myself from a very limited CPU in comparison over the AMD Dual cores. So when I looked into buying myself an AMD unit, there was only really one option.. for me it was the 4200 +, I was going to be greedy and have the 4400+ but then there would be no real benefit unless I was using the computer for video editing / 3D rendering etc.. and because of the DFi's boards features, the extra 200mhz was negligable... If I was to OC the CPU then I could push the realms of the 4800+ 2.6Ghz speed and beyond, but overall the CPU would still only have the 512kb L2 cache per core, half of the 4800+'s. So in respect of read / write / execute cycles the stock 4800+ would be faster due to the extra cache that could store these higher volumes of instructions, but in terms of CPU Clock cycles they would be equal, as they would both be able to manage the same rate of work, the 4200+ OC'd would just require to use some fast system RAM, although with a DFi board this isn't a problem due to its architecture. OC'd or not! Obviously providing that the Memory is quality and the board's set up is optimised, dual channel memory set up means a bigger bus and therefore a faster transfer @ true DDR400 speeds. I do not have any experience in the Opty range, these had only been on trhe market for a short while here in the UK when I purchased my dual core set up... if you want fast gaming out of the box I would go for any of the dual cores from 4200+ and above, if you want to OC and push the limits of the CPU out of the box, then go for the Opty.
  8. Nice quote for you: Dave Orton, CEO ATI
  9. Don't forget that my board is a NF3 Ultra - D so my ram slots are in a weird place to yours, and this is where I need to see the Ultra D pics so I know which gives better room and cooling between the two coolers..... I need pics lol
  10. Consider this......Sapphire are ATi's main retailer / outlet.. they always sell the most ATi products and have great support..... They are highest ranking ATi partner, and not just for sales but for quality of product.. need I say more
  11. I looked but this thread has been moved to another section of the site, by angry... because he is so angry lol :nod: :nod:
  12. whats your ambient/room temp then, because those figures are well low and somewhere I would like to be in ! !
  13. Now that looks the business.... I have my HDD's in the same slots as you! Your cables could do with a tidy lol ! ! :angel: Do you find that the 120mm fan draws the air from the Arctic's fan and thus putting force on the HSF? How do the two fans compare and what's the CFM rating of your 80mm intake fan? So what Zalaman cooler is that on your GFX?? is that the one that is only one sided? I noticed you have a coolermaster chipset fan etc.. whats that and is it silent? The Arctic pro will give me much needed room for air flow, as you have seen in my picture it takes alot of space! I need to do some research for quite fans with high CFM rates, do you have a UK link for the fan 120mm you have?
  14. Thanks for your responses guys... I did look at about 8 reviews, 4 each for the two coolers and I just wanted to see them installed... Sp00f3r: thanks for replying, I have put below two images of my set up, they are not very good or clear so will have to take em again sometime... but since I PM's you I decided to install an exhaust fan. I used the 90mm fan off my ThermalTake silent Tower this is quite a decent rated fan with high CFM rating, its a little louder than I normally like so I have some extra noise from the rig: 21db Here you can see it installed: On top of that I have a Akasa 80mm ultra quiet fan on the front, that only has a low CFM rating though. Here you can see almost the inside of my case: Its not a great picture but the cables and tie wrapped up so that they don't restrict air flow, with the addition of the exhaust fan my system currently operates @ the below temps: CPU: 36c idle Chipset: 34c idle System/local: 30c idle --------------------------- CPU: 44c load Chipset: 38c load System/local: 32c load Now compared to my last post about temps, thats a big improvement especially as all I have done is fitted an exhaust fan... so I want to change the CPU cooler and lower it by another 5c swap the 90mm exhaust for the full 120mm sucking about 50+cfm of air flow and a new 90mm fan for the front again pulling about 50 + CFM of air.. I've managed to find these fans but just need to wait for pay day to get them, so I just need to see some installed pics for the two CPU coolers and I would also like some recommendations on the GFX card cooler. Should I get an Arctic Silencer for my card or the Zalaman Fatl1ty gfx cooler?, should I put the vantec copper cooler on the chipset ?? I want it cool and reasonably quiet !
  15. OMG thats bad news... they raise some pretty good points though... thank god I dont own any AS5 lol So my best bet is not to change the stock chipset cooler ! ! not that I overclock CPU or Memory... I just prefer to keep things colder and thus ensure longevity of my hardware.
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