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  1. I'm using the onboard sound aswell at the moment and it isnt as good as i thought it would be, but its ok for my sound requirements for now anyway.
  2. I'm not going to use either both, i have just got a Zalman CNPS9500 after reading so many good reviews about it but both of the coolers you have listed are still highly rated from what iv seen.
  3. I just use the drivers that come with the CD, installed all the drivers off the CD that it wanted me to install and it is all fine sound works, network drivers seem to work, i think the driver version off the CD is 4.45 or something like that??
  4. Yeah i was thinking of getting one of those Thermalright coolers but then i got the Zalman CNPS9500 from reading all the good reviews on it, i haven't fitted it in yer though i might wait untill i upgrade my processor.
  5. Yes i am currantly using AS5 and using an Akasa 855 cu-bl CPU cooler and now i realise that it isnt that good, how well do you rate it?
  6. Yeah after thinking about it now i might just stay on 754, and wait for AM2 or what ever it is i don't know about it much but to me it sounds good, i might still consider of upgrading my processor though from a 3000+ to a 3400+ if i can find one somewhere, im not keen on overclocking yet because of the temps of my processor if i overclock it, it may go sky high.
  7. i had set the CPU Fan fully on if cpU temp is above 25c in the BIOS right from the beginning, because on default the setting was set cpu fan fully on if cpy temp was over 50c and the fan was only about half on and the cpu temp then was like 49c idle, but perhaps it could be something to do with having 2 case fans at the side on my case which blows air into the case? thanks - Liam
  8. so it might be best if i stay on 754 for now and just upgrade my CPU on my 754 board?
  9. Hello Everyone, soon im hoping to take the leap to move onto 933 from 754 and i still want to use AGP so my only choice is to use the nf3 Ultra-D board, i want to know if it is still a good board and some people told me that there isnt much point in moving to 939 because it isnt much more faster and i still could get a 3700+ athlon 64 for my 754 but i reckon there becomming rare as i cant find any anywhere, what do you all think? help would be appriciated, thanks - Liam
  10. Hello, Just the paste couple of days usually on a cold boot the cpu temperature would usuallu be around 38-39c and would stay like that for the whole time the pc is on for a couple of hours without doing much but would rise to 40 after a few more hours, but just the last couple of days within the pc being on for about half an hour the temp would go upto 44c with the pc doing very little at all, not sure why this is but perhaps it could be because it is getting warmer here and that it is nearly mid spring? help would be appriciated, thanks - Liam
  11. Hi Everyone, i just noticed when the first time that i had to manually restart the machine that when i pressed the reset button it just completly shut down my system entirely like as if the whole power went off and im not sure about what happened there it thought it was meant to restart the machine? maybe that i put in the reset pins in the wrong way around? i thought that you could put them in anyway? any help would be appriciated, Thanks - Liam
  12. ok thanks il bare your advice in mind.
  13. ok thanks for the advice i will try that, also can i clean thermal paste off with just tissue or do i really need that alcohol stuff aswell?
  14. so you mean the fan facing the PSU or fan facing the bottom of the case?
  15. yeah thats what i mean its meant to blow towards out of the case.
  16. ok thanks for the answer but i thought it was recommended that the fan is faced towards the east because of air flow and that the hot air blows towards the bak end casr fan?
  17. Hi Everyone, today i tried fitting in my new Zalman CNPS9500 LED CPU Cooler on my LanParty UT 250GB, seems that i could get the screw beneath the cooler in ok but there was no way i could screw in the top screw, and i think my only option is to take my motherboard out of my case completly to be able to fit the cooler, but that will be a reallt tough job aswell for me because my motherboard has seemed to get stuck in the case and with all the screws out the board seems to be stuck on some of the nipples (things that hold the motherboard in the case) and i have tried before trying to get the board out but it seems i could end up snapping it if worst happens. i have seen that you can only fit the fan correctly because of air flow, and i mean about the fan on the CPU having to face east, or can the fan be faced another way? because if i can rotate the cooler so the fan faces north or south i can fit it in then probably, help would be appriciated, Thanks - Liam
  18. yeah i read somewhere before i built my new system that using ports 3&4 really helps when overclocking and can improve stabibilty for the north or south bridge, il sure get down to some overclocking when i get a Zalman CNPS9500 cooler and when i have sorted a couple of other problems that iv got at the moment that are listed in another thread.
  19. Sorry if this has been raised up many times before but which SATA ports on my board are uspported by the Nvidia chipset? i had a feeling its something like ports 3-4 and thats why i am using them at the moment or am i wrong? thanks - Liam
  20. Hi Everyone, Just recently whenever i shut down the computer and it gets to the shut down screen where it sais "windows is shutting down" it will just do nothing at all wont shut down no activity on the hard drive at all nothing, i know it hasnt froze because i can still move the mouse cursor, the only way to get out of it is to manualy turn it off and if i start the machine up again it seems fine and when i come to . down again it will shut down fine, but this has only happened a couple of times now, on average about once a week. another thing that brought my attension was when it did it again last night, and i pressed the rest button it reset the machine but it wouldnt post or nothing at all just a blank screen :confused: so i turned it off and started it again and nothing seemed to be wrong, but i tried the reset button on the desktop and it just completly turned my machine off :confused: could someone please help me? thanks - Liam
  21. In my view i would go for the CNPS9500 because iv read a lot of good reviews about it and it is reliable, a mate of mine has got an X2 4400+ and before he got the CNPS9500 he was using a stock cooler that came with the processor and he was geting temps as high as 36c on idle, now he has got the new zalman cooler he get's temps of 20c at high load.
  22. Is this CPU Cooler compatiable with this board by any chance, from the look of how big it is i have doubts weather it will fit my motherboard, can anyone confirm weather it will fit or not? thanks - Liam
  23. By the way UncleDavid218, you know you have that Zalman CNPS9500 CPU Cooler, i just noticed that you are still using the same Heatsink bracket that comes with the Motherboard, with that cooler i thought that you would have to use the one that comes with it? didnt think it would fit on the motherboard bracket.
  24. Hello Everybody, just got my attention the last couple of weeks about the amount of thermal paste that is required on an Athlon 64 CPU, on the arctic silver (paste i use) instruction page it sais put a small ammount which is along the lines of 3/4 of a BB, and i put about that much on when i first built my rig, but other things i have read and pictures i have seen that they have a lot of paste on the CPU, an it has just confused me aswell because i followed the AS instructions, but the temp to me is still kind of high (39c 43c load) but other instructions told me to put a big blob on and cover the core, im just confused about the whole thing - help would be appriciated, Thanks - Liam
  25. Thanks, im just concerned about the temp of my CPU at the moment (39c idle - 43c high load) and just looking to try and see how i can lower the temp.
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