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Sticky question :)


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For one of my fanless cooling projects I come with idea to slap heatsink on the bottom of mainboard PCB, just bellow the Vcore mosfets to cool them a little.


Back of my case is already prepared for this: http://ax2.old-cans.com/s.php?p=wc&id=116&c=8&d=1&v=v2

And ventilation holes are made as well: http://ax2.old-cans.com/s.php?p=wc&id=115&c=8&d=1&v=v2


The only one remaining question is - where to get a quality thermal double sided tape / sticky? :help:


I have no idea even for what to search and look... Anyone, please?

I would bet that 3M or something has to made something like this, however I'm clueless ATM.

A hint, pls? :)

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lol Dude funny you should ask this as I just did myself and got this link in the reply



and the best bit is if you order with a bogus company name they send you a free sample

worth a try i just put my order in for T414 and something else from the other list that i have no idea what it is but it'll be fun finding out but the tape is supposed to be good stuff

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Guest thespin

Really nice system, trodas. The case you used looks interesting. However, I couldn't find the case model listed. What type of PC case is that ? Thanks.

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Branjo - lol, interesting way to obtain thermal conductive sticky :D But they probably did not ship samples overseas (eg. to Czech republic) ...

I already digged something that come with these Thermaltake ram heatsinks:


(probably best pic of it, the left 4 fins is choped from other one and added on the Epox 8RDA+)

However I dubt about the quality (it says SEKISUI #5760 on it - who know's how good this is :confused: ) and it is also slightly smaller that the wanted heatsink :rolleyes:


It looks like I running out of the options as I desperately want to put my main PC together finally, so... as soon as the final few missing caps come, I just have to use what I have at hand...


PS. already found this:


and in europe:







thespin - thank you. Well this is Eurocase :nod: From Czech makers and actually one of their cheapest models, so, nothing fancy. I like the style, tought it might be slightly bigger for me :P:D You probably will have hard time to get it anywhere in USA - same as go for other things for me ;)

My mods make the case looks interesting, don't they? And actually fanless working machine was in it too, so...

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