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NO post test or monitor signal

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I just got this SOMEBODY HELP ME

we turn it on and the power light flashs but all the fans spin up and all lights turn on but nothing shows up on the monitor.

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A few questions:


Have you built it in the case, or out?


I would suggest reviewing these two build guides if you haven't already:Ed Jacobson’s Build Guide and Angry Games Build Guide with Pictures. Ensure all 3 power connectors are plugged into the board


Did you follow the guides above? If not, how did you differ.


To summarize, build outside of the case, with minimum hardware (CPU, vid card, 1 stick of ram in farthest orange slot from CPU). Clear CMOS for 5-10 min. hitting the on-board power button a few times to drain caps, boot, enter BIOS, load optimized defaults, save and exit.


Also, can you post specs on that PSU?


Post back results

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That PSU wouldn't happen to be a A-Power 500w, would it?


If so, do yourself, and your hardware, a very big favor: replace it immediately. I can tell you from personal experience those PSUs are complete and utter cow dung. Every single one of the 10 I ordered developed a problem. All were replaced.


PSU recommended list:




SkyHawk 570w update thread:



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this is the info of my psu



Model EP-50X.C563-BX


Type ATX12V

Maximum Power 500W

Fans 2


Main Connector 20+4-Pin

Dual +12V No

SLI Support No

Modular Cabling Support No

Efficiency >68% @ full load ,nominal line

Input Voltage 115/230 V

Input Frequency Range 47 - 63Hz

Input Current 9A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V

Output +3.3@30A,+5V@38A,+12@28A,-12V@1A,+5VSB@2A

MTBF 100KHRs @ 25? per MIL- HDBK-217F

Approvals UL/cUL E222785, TUV and CB EN 60950 certified


Features Operating temperature range from 0? to 50?

Build in DC remote ON/OFF , PG/PF TTL signal

Compiles with FCC Class B,CISPR Pub. 22, EN55022 Class B, and CE requirements

Leakage Current 3.5mA max

SATA connectors

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That would indicate a problem with your CPU, sure it is ok? If it's not too much trouble re-seat your CPU and only use one memory stick in the yellow slot furthest away from the CPU.


EDIT* Just noticed in another thread that NO Kingston memory is on the DFI memory advide list you could also test with another set of sticks, but since you say your cards get stuck on 4 and not 3 leds it indicates a CPU problem and not a memory related problem.

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