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  1. I agree with watsonte. The first thing item I would suspect is the PSU
  2. TMOD's BIOS CD contains all the Expert BIOS versions. Linkage. It's over in the BIOS Factory Edit: I believe a lot of people are using the 11/02 BIOS, primarily for SLI reasons. There's a threqad somewhere with Game issues for the BIOS. Beyond that, don't have a booard so can't comment further You can also get a "spare" BIOS chip from TMOD which may help you out
  3. ^What slingn said. When I bought mine, a few years ago, I studied up over at avsforum. Ended up going with the 42" Panasonic plasma monitor, with my own surround sound system. Bought it from VisualApex. Great bunch of people
  4. Try removing the mobo from the case, and on non conductive surface. Use a minimal build (1 stick of ram orange slot farthest from CPU, CPU, vid card). Clear CMOS You're mobo may be shorting out in the case
  5. In that price range: OCZ GameXstream 600W OCZ GameXstream 700W For the $30 diff in price, go with the 700W
  6. FWIW I will be receiving my new x1900xtx today from Newegg (the brown truck says its out for delivery). I also just upgraded to the Fortron 700W. Should be installed in the next day or 2. Will post back results (and they better be good) EDIT: The Fortron and OCZ's have similar specs because as I understand it, OCZ GameExtreme's are rebadged Fortron Epsilon's
  7. I run the full memtest overnight. Some on the forum also recommend 25 passes of Test #5
  8. With 1 stick in orange slot farthest from CPU, clear cmos?
  9. If you are trying to mix the OCZ and Kingston, good luck. These boards do not like mis-matched pairs. You will likely spend a lot of time trying to find loose Genie BIOS settings, if you even can. Run one stick in the orange slot farthest from CPU
  10. Have you looked in Event Viewer for error messages? Post Back
  11. If I remember correctly, the rule of thumb is +/- 5%. On the 3.3 rail, that would mean 3.14 - 3.47 Is the PSU new? Does it have adjustable rails? I would look into it.
  12. Personally, I would go higher than the OCZ Powerstream 520. The new breed of vid cards draw a huge amount of juice. Why buy a PSU now, that you will need to upgrade in 6 months. I would go with the Fortron FX 700 GLN or something along those lines (ie the new gamer series (sp ?) from OCZ
  13. The random reboot can be caused by a number of issues. I'll start with a few based on the minimal info you've provided: Have you run memtest to confirm RAM stability? Have you run OCCT/Prime95/3dMARK03 or 05? How are your 12V rails? Based on the info I gathered here bfore my build, I did not install the nVidia firewall. I used a router to provide that service, even before I bought a DFI board. If you uninstall the Active Armor (firewall), is the machine stable?
  14. I agreeon the PSU upgrade. Unfortunately the PSU guide is a bit out of date. If you plan on upgrading the rig in the future to high end graphics, esp high end SLI's, the newer cards draw a huge amount of juice. Translated this means some of the PSU's in the guide are under powered. I jut upgraded my PSU to this one: Fortron FX 700-GLN. OCZ also has a new high power line out, not sure of the models though
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