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  1. I thought this motherboard was perfect but I've discoverd one flaw, when I OC (above 2.6GHz or so) my mouse becomes very unstable, jumping everywhere from time to time, acting like I've pressed any button when I haven't. I'm using a MX1000 and a USB->PS2 converter. Still on shipping BIOS but with the SATA problem quickfix. Noticed that it becomes even worse when playing games (as opposed to browsing the web, etc) sometimes 3/4 of my crosshairs disappears and other strange mouse related things. And I can really trace the amount of problems to how high my OC is. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  2. I've got to say I'm very happy with my board. Just amazing, and I say this after using one SLI-DR and two Expert boards for 939. Simply amazing product, no problems whatsoever, and I'm still using stock BIOS.
  3. So using HR-05's works fine? Do you have any pictures? Cuse I have a HR-05 laying around here somewhere collecting dust, and the temps are around 53C idle.
  4. I had mine now for more then one week and I must say I'm impressed. No problems whatsoever straight out of the box, really easy to OC, and OC it does! No stability issues, didn't need to mess around with any drivers (using Vista), really quiet (compared to the DFi nF4 series =P). Simply works like a charm, everything about the boards seems well thought through, except the front panel connectors placement, who the hell designed that? I can't really think of any reson to choose this board over any other today, maybe except for the price, but as other 680i boards make it to the market prices should drop. Would love to go SLi with this boards, but for now I'll just wait for my 8800GTS 320 Mb :drool:
  5. I agree with most of you, I mean, if he really has to play his little games and stuff, then he should've stayed with XP for a while. It can't be that much trouble. And I mean, come on, a frickin lawsuit? Do I sue the mailman when he's late during a snowstorm?
  6. Should work just fine, the HR-05 is really a gift from God. Totally silent and works like a charm, used mine with a Expert motherboard and mounted it horizontally, temps never exceeded 40C, had 2x120MM fans as intake.
  7. Hoor, Sweden. Lenin once took a train throu town. ;D
  8. If you still need one contact me, I'll send you one for free, got a total of 5 SLi bridges here just laying around and collecting dust.
  9. Got mine, only checked it once so that it works, borrowed some ram and a g-card from a friend. Booted up fine and stuff like that. Seems like a lot of people don't really know what they are talking about here, since they don't even have the card. Also this review among others shows that it is a great card.
  10. Hello! So, after some troublefree months I got the good old 3 LED again. Whatever I do the system won't POST, I can't get into BIOS or anything. Really tried everything and I'm running out of ideas. I've alread tried a proper 24 hour clear smos. Tried another set of RAM sticks, taken everything out of the chassi to check for any shorts. Re-seated the CPU a couple of minutes ago, and still the same thing. This has happend to me quite a few times, but since I got the newest BIOS it seemed to occur less freequently, I thought it had to do something with the cold-boot issue. This is really starting to tick me off since I need to have a working computer tomorrow, or else no LAN party for me ^^. Any help or thoughts very appriciated. *EDIT; Forgot to mention that my systems always seemed to be unstable at stock settings, always had to bump up the speed to atleast 217*10. So whenever I reset my cmos I had to bump up the speed a little to get past the windows loading screen. Never figured out why, but it worked for me. EDIT2: Things have got somewhat better I think, but now I just get a blank screen. All the leds turn off (exept the last one) but then nothing. No post no image, nothing.
  11. Also don't reflash to the elder BIOS, I don't think it supports your X2.
  12. Yep, use GetDataBack, great for this kind of stuff, even if you have a new MBR or other things like that, it will recover a lot of it.
  13. When . hits the fan I always use GetDataBack NTFS, helped me recover data after i formatted, erased the partition, created a new one over that and formatted again ^_^ it's really great.
  14. Actually the CPU renders in those tests, and today CPU's aren't optimized for that kind of stuff (drawing triangels and such) so instead we have GPU's, which wasen't the case around 10 years ago. So getting 1-2FPS in the CPU test is nothing to worry about.
  15. I rember a whole lot of people had similar problems with the OC'ed 7900GT cards, try running with some lower clocks, below your "stock".
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