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Locks at post (SLI-DR)

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Hey all Ive been having some probs with my SLI-DR. When i try to boot it locks at Post. Sometimes it will get to Detecting IDE and stop somtimes it will get to Checking the ram an stop.


When i first started having teh Prob i Took all my ram out exept 1 stick. Left one Video card in and unpluged all my CD Drives etc...... And still no go..


So after that i turned everything off an Left it for a few. and Came back like 1hr later and it booted. i got into the Bios, Cheked all the setings and stuff. And rebooted. And and got in to a CD boot of DSL(damm small linux) to recover some school work off my C drive incase i couldnt get it to boot again. and when that was all done I restarted and it started again with it locking in post. Im at a lost. I have no clue what is wrong im thinking the CPU. My PSU it a Dual 12v rail with 18a on each soi dont think that is it. And i more retarted thing is that the SAME thing happens on my MSI Neo 4 SLI. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


What do you guys think




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