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  1. Thermaltake PurePower TWV 500W Ya i know you guys hate TT PSU's but ive seen sevral very good reviews on this one
  2. Hey all Ive been having some probs with my SLI-DR. When i try to boot it locks at Post. Sometimes it will get to Detecting IDE and stop somtimes it will get to Checking the ram an stop. When i first started having teh Prob i Took all my ram out exept 1 stick. Left one Video card in and unpluged all my CD Drives etc...... And still no go.. So after that i turned everything off an Left it for a few. and Came back like 1hr later and it booted. i got into the Bios, Cheked all the setings and stuff. And rebooted. And and got in to a CD boot of DSL(damm small linux) to recover some school work off my C drive incase i couldnt get it to boot again. and when that was all done I restarted and it started again with it locking in post. Im at a lost. I have no clue what is wrong im thinking the CPU. My PSU it a Dual 12v rail with 18a on each soi dont think that is it. And i more retarted thing is that the SAME thing happens on my MSI Neo 4 SLI. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: What do you guys think thanks
  3. k I uped the vcore a bit to 1.584 to see if that will help and im 2h18m into Prime95. ill keep prime runing till the WoW servers go back up today.
  4. Hey guys Ive been debating geting an Dual core 4200+ but Is it Needed Yet. or should i just get an 4000+ san diego? will i see and differance in games or are the dual core mainaly just for the multi tasking.
  5. ive got the TT Purepower 500wat 2.0 well since i have 2gb of ram in 4x512 Think the cpu cant handle 180Mhz @2.5/ Think i should back off the HTT im at 1112(278*4)
  6. Hey guys Ive had my system up and runing for an good while now and im not sure what is happening with it. Every now and then It will lock up, Seems to only happen while gamming, Now to make it even morw of an Stumper. sometimes ill blue screen (not the BSOD) im talking about just soild blue screen and my seconed monitor is just fine and the system is still runing. just cant see what im doing. Now my PSU has dual 12v @18a and the rail never go below 12.15. Im at an loss
  7. well i know im not geting payed. (wish i were) but still seems that this PSU is a very good one.... but ya i woulnt'd be suprised if they payed here are somemore reviews http://www.bjorn3d.com http://www.systemcooling.com http://www.a1-electronics.net/ thoses were the other ones that i couldnt find yesterday... now i dont see Them paying off 5 differant Review sites for good reviews
  8. ya one of there lines of there types out PSU idk what the name was but it sucked hard. but i think there comming back cuz i think that this is a good PSU. but since im only one person http://www.techniz.co.uk that was a 9/10 http://www.ngohq.com another 9/10 i know there are more cuz i have seen about 4 more but i dont remember what the web site names were oooooo i remember i think it was the Butterfly PSU taht they have
  9. y isnt this Threhd a sticky anymore also i got my Thermatalke W0057RUC today and ive got to say its a very nice PSU. the 12v rail is holding true at about 12.20-12.18 at idle and full load. but the 24pin taht plugs into the PSU is a very thight fit took me 5 minutes to get it seated right. maybey you should add this PSU to the list
  10. you know ive never hread anyone talking about raidmax PSUs the one i got with my scorpio run amazing for the fact that i got it for free. its a 420wat and 13a on the 12 but this this has jsut been going along on my 6600gt sli system thogut unstable. ran stable with one 6600gt. at full load with my cpu at 2.6 and one 6600gt at 590/1.4 it neve hit below 11.89. moslty at 12.5 -11.99...... ive got to say dam good.... if only they made them in bigger sizes
  11. hey all ive got my dfi SLI dr and as you proly know its only got two PCI slots. now ive get two 6600gts in there and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS with a ATI 7000 for my LCD now the thing is that sinc im using both PCI slots i cant get a dual GPU cooler on the seconed GPU......... so dose anyone know of a good GPU cooler that is single slot Thanks
  12. idk for my rig i like the 7700 better and ive never seen a review show more then a 1c differance in temp with those to HSF
  13. i just bought a Thermatalke W0057RUC PurePower TWV500W 500W w/Active PFC its modular. which i love and the reviews ive seen on it are very good. and if it sucks ill just return it and get an Hiper Type-r 580wat and its only 119 Thermatalke
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