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Lapped NB and SB

Guest Darien_merged

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Guest Darien

Here are some pics of me modding my NB on the LPB... NF2 NB and SB chips are soup bowls.. they get such poor contact with the heatsinks that the heaksinks are very ineffective... after seeing my NB temps reach 50C i decided it was time to lap it.



first, the tool I used to do the job was the stock NB with some sand paper taped to it.



Here is the preped board b4 we start, make sure everything is taped up good so you don't ruin your sista




I started with 150 Grit Dry Sandpaper




Then to 220, you'll notice the SB in the next to pics, I just dragged the sandpapered NB across the SB a few times just to scratch the surface and show you just how severly 'bowled' these chips are, the get so little surface contact stock it's amazing... probably 10% contact if you're lucky... 10% contact just won't do for thermal transfer.



Then on to 600 wetsand. Now the wet sand isn't really wet... just with like 1 super tiny infintesimal drop of water.



NB Finished. note: you may notice some wires and the VR between the NB and SB Under the DIMM's... that's my VDIMM mod... in case anyone is wondering *cough*loggan26*cough*



you see that logo getting smaller and smaller as the surface of the chip gets perfectly flat.. once the logo is gone you know you're finished.. DO NOT SAND DOWN ANY FURTHER ONCE THE LOGO IS GONE! the point is not to ruin the chip or expose the circuits, just to make the top of the chip level so it has good contact with the heat sink.

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Guest Darien

Sorry for some of the fuzzy pics here guys.

First here you see I took the stock SB heatsink and did the same thing, but since it already had the thermal tape stuck to the bottom of it I just cut sandpaper squares out and stuck the on!



same thing as the NB, 150 to start




still 150



Then 220




Then 600 wet







Remove tape and clean board very good with a Q-Tip and some rubbing alcohol of some other solvent that evaporates quickly




Now, I recommend doing this b4 volt modding the board if possbile, otherwise you have to be very careful not to ruin your volt mods... the other thing is although this is easy it take a LONG TIME... one way to shorten the time is to replace your sand paper often... at one point I was like.. damn! I been rubbing this thing for the last hour and I've made no progress...

well even though I thought my sandpaper still had grit I changed it and BAM! results quick... the more fresh paper you use, the quicker and easier it will be.. (sounds obvious doesn't it?)


I still have to do the NB volt mod... I gotta go pick up a 50K pot first... now that I've spent the time lapping this, I'm just waiting for my thermalright NB-1 to arrive, I'll slap on some AS5, get great contact and say goodbye to 50C chipset load temps... with that superior cooling, I'll feel plenty safe kickin up the volts on the NB. :nod:


getting a cooler master blue ice active chipset HSF for the SB too... with a little AS adhesive should be good to go :cool:

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Guest Darien

I will post the results of the job and pics of the new coolers once they arrive and I have time to test it... having done the same thing on my AN7 shown here in my AN7 guide I can tell you its well worth the trouble to do this.




well... the results weren't as good as they were on my AN7... it did lower my load temps on the NB ~ 5C.... I think if I was measuring the temps with my temps probs (something I won't do until it's in its case) we would have seen a greater drop in Temps... I'm not exactly sure where the temp sensor for the chipset is on the DFI... but it's probably not the temp of the NB itself..

NOTE: after putting a fan over the cpu mosfets my chipset temps dropped over 15 degrees... so the MBM5 reported temps are NOT the temps for the NB...


Also, I can tell you the benefit is far beyond the drop in MBM5 reported temps because...


What it did do is make it more stable... it took my OC from 250 x 10 to 254 x 10.... so that was nice..


I must say I am surprised by the comments I received... this really isn't a very extreme mod and is considered a rather common mod for the NF2 platforms... just because the NB and SB chips are "soup bowls" on the NF2's and have such poor contact... hope this guide was helpful..


here are some pics of the finished product (with my new NV5 rev.2 silencer!)




note the heatsinks on the mosfets and the new Thermalright SLK-947U HSF :D



and my new NV5 Silencer with the Cooler Master Blue Ice cooler on the SB ;)


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Guest Darien



dang guys.. I haven't even had a chance to finish posting this :P


just sit tight OK... when the first 3 posts are full instead of saying res or reserved you'll see I'm done...


I'm making a guide for this so everyone will see how to do it.. it's very easy and yes.. VERY effective.


EDIT: OK.. it's done.. atleast until I get to put it back together and post my results in the 3 post.

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Guest Darien
Looks great. I'm really interested to see how your temps are. Any chance you are going to get a controller and use temperature probes to monitor the temps of the NB and SB.


Yeah I have a Thermaltake Wingo V8000A case with a Hardcano Controller that has 3 temp probes on it... I usually do cpu, NB and video card...

however all reported temps to this point have been from bios / MBM5


I've done this and already know it make a huge difference... but the NB was 50-51-52C load temps.. I bet it will be in the low 40's high 30's with more volts even.


my AN7 was pushing 2.17v through the NB and rarly got in the 40's...

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So have you gotten around to testing the temps, yet. Props to you for having the balls to do that. If your results are really great, I might consider doing following your guide, nice job on that btw.

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